Teaching for undergraduate courses at Cambridge is organised by the University and colleges in tandem. The University provides lectures and laboratory and library facilities. It also sets the examinations! The colleges supplement and enrich this university provision by organising small group teaching supervisions for their own students.

Supervisions are at the heart of the undergraduate academic experience, allowing students to study in small groups with an expert in the field. Where that expert is a Fellow of Fitzwilliam, the supervisions will often take place within the College, but students will also have some teaching arranged for them with Fellows of other colleges.

It is the role of the Director of Studies for each subject to organise the supervisions. They also watch over the progress of the students in their subject and advise on the choices to be made within the wide range of options available in all Cambridge courses.

The three teaching terms at Cambridge last for only eight weeks. Terms are extremely intensive and students are expected to cover a lot of ground within them, and to use the correspondingly extended vacations to consolidate and revise, and to prepare coursework such as dissertations or technical reports. That is why we look for students who are highly-motivated to study their chosen subject.

A level entry requirements

The typical offer for any arts course is A*AA and for sciences courses A*A*A (excluding PBS which remains A*AA).