On the day your results are due, they are published first on CamSIS and then at 4.30pm each day they are posted on the wall at the Senate House.

You can find you own expected results publication date via CamSIS self-service. A full listing can be found on the University website. Please note that these are only expected publication dates and they are subject to change.

Your Director of Studies will be able to send you a more detailed breakdown of your paper marks, and will be able to interpret the marks for you as necessary.

Undergraduate scholarships and prizes

Undergraduates who achieve a First Class in University examinations (or the equivalent in unclassed University or College examinations) are awarded both a Scholarship and a Prize. These carry a combined value of £300 to a continuing student. These awards are available through the generosity of alumni and other donors.

At the end of each academic year the Tutorial Committee awards a number of other academic and non-academic prizes in recognition of outstanding scholarly achievements and impressive contributions to the broader life of the College.

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