Young Women's Conducting Workshop at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Young Women's Conducting Workshop

Conducting workshop for state school girls aged 12-15, run in collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Society Women Conductors Programme.

Event Summary 

Our annual Young Women's Conducting Workshop (YWCW) is run in collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Society's Women Conductors Programme. 

This is an extremely exciting programme which offers training in conducting technique and musical leadership for young women aged between 12-15, currently studying at a State School.

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for building self-confidence and developing a new skill in the process.

Young Women's Conducting Workshop 2018

On Sunday 27 May we hosted our third Young Women's Conducting Workshop. 

The Workshop Sessions were run by Alice Farnham and Alma Sheehan, representing the Royal Philharmonic Society. Morning sessions included body-language/stagecraft and conducting technique, and then in the afternoon a conducting masterclass with a Cambridge University String Quartet. 

"It was really fun (and nervewracking at times) conducting in front of a live string quintet! It was my first experience conducting and I'd love to do it again". Young Conductor, 2018

‘It is so important to encourage young women in their early teens to plant the seed of an idea that conducting could be for them - to take the plunge and have a go. Traditionally the lack of role models has meant the it may not even have occurred to them. Conducting is a tough and highly competitive profession to go into, but the first steps are about having the confidence to stand up in front of a group people.  This course fits nicely with the work we have been doing at ‘Women Conductors with the Royal Philharmonic Society’ - encouraging female music students and professionals into conducting’ Alice Farnham, one of Britain's Leading Women Conductors 

Young Women's Conducting Workshop 2019 - How to apply 

Online bookings for the Workshop will open at the end of the year.


If you have any questions about the Workshop please do not hesitate to get in touch

Young Women's Conducting Workshop at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge