Postgraduate students at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

PGCE admissions

Fitzwilliam College offers places to a small number of PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) applicants each year. These may be previous members or those new to Cambridge. Accommodation is available for the duration of the course.


Fitzwilliam welcomes a small number of new PGCE students each year, many of whom then stay on as members to do their MEd degree. Applications are welcomed from University of Cambridge members, and for those new to Cambridge.


We offer accommodation for the duration of the course, and will make this available ready for the start of your studies in Cambridge. PGCE students will be housed amongst other postgraduate students. New students must have confirmed their University place on the course by 15 August to be guaranteed a room. Shared kitchens are available at all of our postgraduate houses for those who wish to self-cater. Evening meals in the College Dining Hall are available from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. More information about our accommodation.


  • Fitzwilliam College is approximately 3km from the Faculty of Education, and is located on Huntingdon Road, just on the north side of the city
  • The College has one block of accommodation, located at Glisson Road (CB1 2HA), which is within easy walking distance of the Faculty. Other accommodation is located near to the College.
  • The University Bus, which visits the Faculty of Education, stops on Madingley Road at the end of Storey's Way. Other bus routes leave from Huntingdon Road to the City Centre
  • Car parking is usually available at the College. Please apply to the Postgraduate Office. Spaces are limited but those who need a car for their course, for example to travel for teaching practice, will get priority. (Note that parking at the Faculty of Education may also be limited and would have to be applied for separately).
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Social community

Our PGCE students are part of our postgraduate community, known as the MCR. Each year we welcome about 150 new students from all over the world, and have a approximately 350 students registered. See the MCR Website for more details.

Further contacts

For more information, or questions, please contact the Postgraduate Office

Each student will be allocated to a College Graduate Tutor at the start of their course.