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School Visits

Fitzwilliam College is committed to encouraging applications from all students who show real academic potential, regardless of social or educational background.

The College does not simply want to encourage all students to apply to Cambridge - rather, our emphasis is on providing students with the right information to make decisions about their futures.We want all students to fulfill their potential in a Higher Education Institution or Apprenticeship program which suits them best. 

The College is also committed to providing resources and information to schools which do not have a history of sending students to Cambridge but which aspire to do so in the future. For this reason, Fitzwilliam College has a full-time Schools Liaison Officer (SLO). They can be contacted at

Schools Liaison Officer

The Schools Liaison Officer (SLO) runs projects to encourage students to progress to Higher Education. Their projects provide up-to-date, accurate information about Cambridge, to break down misconceptions about university life. They also offer advice to students on our admissions process, including personal statements and interviews. 

School Groups

The Schools Liaison Project offers several options for schools and groups interested in exploring the prospects and reality of higher education in general, and Cambridge in particular. These options include:

Schools are encouraged to arrange visits to Fitzwilliam through our SLO. If we are unable to accommodate your request for a visit or tour, we will redirect you to other events open to your students. Currently, the SLO is organizing visits to schools in Cumbria and Cheshire, two of our Link Areas, so may be unavailable to host your visits. If your school falls outside our Link Areas, we may ask your Link College to host your visit instead. 

Individual or Small Groups

To best accommodate individual visitors, the SLO is regularly available on Fridays. Where possible, we will try to arrange tours of the college from current students. If you would like a tour, or would like to speak to the SLO or Admissions Tutors please contact the SLO ahead of time. Visitors are welcome to tour the College at other times, but we cannot guarantee that someone will be available to speak to. 

Travel and Accommodation

We appreciate that for some visitors, a day-trip to Cambridge is not feasible, either due to cost, distance or disability. In such cases, we endeavor to provide suitable accommodation or travel assistance for visitors, on a case-by-case basis. If you require assistance in these matters, please contact the SLO to arrange your visit.

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