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150th Anniversary Campaign

Launched in 2008, Fitzwilliam’s 150th Anniversary Campaign aims to raise £20 million by 2019. Thanks to the generosity of over 2000 donors we have now reached the £18 million mark. 

The Campaign’s Objectives

  • to ensure that every student admitted can take up their place regardless of their financial means
  • to provide the best possible resources for study, teaching, learning and research
  • to expand and enrich the collegiate experience

The Campaign has already helped to fund the building of the stunning Olisa Library, the creation of the Upper Hall and the refurbishment of the gym. Most recently, it has funded the renovation of three staircases of student accommodation and work to repair and improve the Central Building's iconic lantern roof, in addition to leading to a big injection of money into funds which support students.

Read more about the Campaign’s progress and find out how you can make a real difference to the next generation of Fitzwilliam students by following the links below.

Supporting Students

College Teaching

Academic Support

Funding Graduate Students

Improving Access

Building Fitzwilliam

Fitzwilliam Life


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