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Fitzwilliam Careers Fair and Young Alumni

Fitzwilliam Careers Fair welcomes back all recent graduates of the College, whether they would like to attend as an advisor, or would like to seek advice themselves.

The 2019 Careers Fair will be held 3-5pm on Saturday 9 November, at Fitzwilliam College.

Some recent graduates will be embarking on new careers. Please do come along and share your experience of applying and making the transition to the world of employment. Don’t think you don’t have enough experience yet – it is really helpful for students to hear from peers who have just been through the process.

Other recent graduates will still be thinking about the direction they should take, or perhaps are making a change after a few years if work. If you would like to attend the Careers Fair to learn about possible careers sectors, please feel free to do so.

Booking to attend the Fair in either capacity will open online soon.

"The students were really interesting to talk to, and asked some really good questions. It was also great to connect with other alumni."
Previous alumnus attendee