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East Asia Telephone Campaign

We are delighted to be holding our first ever telephone campaign for our alumni community in East Asia, 7 January - 13 January.

This January, we are holding our first ever East Asia Telephone Campaign. Fitzwilliam is proud to have over 450 alumni in East Asia, and we are keen to strengthen these important links.

Student callers with Master

The Master with student callers for the North America and East Asia telephone campaigns.

If you have any questions, please check below or see the main Telephone Campaigns webpage.

If you have been selected to be called in the Telephone Campaign, you will receive a letter or email before calling begins. If you would rather not be called, please email the Development Office.

The Campaign is raising money for the College's area of greatest need, meaning all gifts will have the most possible impact. There will be a particular focus on the Teaching Fund, helping to support the outstanding supervision system.

Calling, in the time zones of alumni called, will take place on evenings between 6pm and 9pm from 8 January until 13 January. All calls are made by current students, and they are ringing from Fitzwilliam, in a room just above the Porters' Lodge on Storey's Way.

We have four fantastic students callers, and one reserve caller who'll spring into action if somebody falls ill.

Aisha is in the second year of a PhD studying how Singapore is a smart city, so she is particularly excited about talking to Singaporean alumni. She is also the MCR President, leading the graduate student community.


Poorvi is studying for a Masters in History. As an international student herself, she loves chatting about the exciting-but-scary experience of coming to Fitzwilliam from outside the UK.


Shaun is a third year student in History. From Singapore, Shaun was encouraged to apply to Fitzwilliam by his teacher, who was also an alumnus. He is excited to be ringing other former students in the Lion City.


Folu is a second year historian and our reserve caller, who'll come to the rescue if we need an extra pair of hands.