Students at Fitz

The Harding Challenge

Thanks to the philanthropy of David and Claudia Harding, if you are a new donor over this financial year your gift will unlock, pound for pound, a contribution to a special fund for undergraduate financial support across Cambridge. You can know you are making a difference by giving to financial support for undergraduates, or student life and wellbeing, both included under the umbrella of 'All The Best', the University-wide student support initiative.

This means that when you make a gift to Fitzwilliam, you know that not only will the College's students benefit, but so will students in the greatest need across Cambridge. Gifts of up to £100,000 qualify and every pounds makes a difference.

Take advantage of the Harding Challenge now, and multiply the power of your donation by giving to student support at Fitzwilliam. For more information please contact

It is expected that in future years all donations to student support will be eligible for the Harding Challenge.

What is 'All The Best'?

All The Best is University of Cambridge's student support initiative, working to ensure that all students with the potential to excel have a chance to study at Cambridge and its Colleges, not just some. The initiative has three core priorities: financial support for undergraduates, new postgraduate scholarships, and student life and wellbeing. Any gift towards student support, whether given to a College or to the University, will count towards our £500 million target. £170m has already been raised in the past year.

The Harding Challenge is an exciting opportunity for all new donors to student support at Fitzwilliam to double the impact of their generosity.