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Leave a gift in your will

Whether it is access to our buildings, improvements to our facilities, or through receiving a College Bursary or travel award, every Fitzwilliam Member has benefited from the generosity of previous generations. By pledging a legacy gift, not only are you continuing this proud tradition but also helping us to secure our future.

To indicate your wish to leave a legacy gift to the College, please complete the online Legacy Pledge Form and a member of the Development Office will get back to you.

You can read more about the transformative effect that legacies can have on the College and its students on the right.

A Legacy Gift to Fitzwilliam is free of inheritance tax and may help you to reduce the overall tax liability on your estate.

A Cash Sum - which may be index linked so it doesn't lose value over time. At present a cash gift of £3,500 will cover the average shortfall in fee income for teaching one undergraduate for one year, while a gift of £25,000 will cover the fees and maintenance costs for a home MPhil student in most arts and science subjects. 

A Percentage - 1% to the College and 99% to your family and loved ones. 1% of a £350,000 estate currently covers the cost of a full Cambridge Bursary for one student for one year.

A Share of the Residue - once you have made provision for your family and loved ones you can leave the residue (or a share in the residue along with other named charities) to Fitzwilliam. 

Deed of Variation - if you are a beneficiary under a Will, you may consider passing a portion of your inheritance to Fitzwilliam College. There may be considerable tax advantages for you to do so, and the College will benefit during your lifetime.

Suggested wording

There is no need to rewrite your will, a legacy gift may be included, either when it is first drawn up, or subsequently by simply adding a codicil. We recommend taking professional legal advice.

“I give to the Master, Fellows and Scholars of Fitzwilliam College, in the University of Cambridge (Registered Charity Number 1137496), [the residue of my estate], [x% of the residue of my estate] or [the sum of £x] free of tax for the general purposes of the College. I declare that the receipt of the Bursar for the time being of the College shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

Unrestricted legacy gifts are of particular value to Fitzwilliam as they can be directed to the area of greatest need. If, however, you prefer your legacy gift to be used for a specific purpose please contact the Development Office ( to ensure that Fitzwilliam will be able to fulfil your wishes and that the money can be used to the maximum benefit of the College.

Legacies change lives
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1869 Foundation

Individuals who have notified us of their intention to benefit the College in their will are invited to join the 1869 Foundation.