Fitzwilliam donors

Star donors*

Star* donors are alumni who have made a gift to Fitzwilliam every year since graduation. They are our most loyal champions and supporters, and joining couldn’t be easier.

How to be part of it?

Make a gift (of any size) every year from the year you graduate. This year, to mark Fitzwilliam’s 150th anniversary, we are asking recent graduates to make a gift of £15.

But why?

You know Fitzwilliam is a special place that welcomes people from all backgrounds to fulfil their academic potential and do amazing things - but it costs money to do this. Whether it is access to our buildings, improvements to our facilities, or through receiving a College Bursary or travel award, every Fitzwilliam Member has benefitted from the generosity of previous generations. Becoming a Star* donor not only gives you the opportunity to express your gratitude for the support you received, but also to pay it forward, and help the Fitzwilliam students of the future.

You can make your gift here.

The great thing about giving back is your money can go wherever you want it to go! Do you feel strongly about broadening access to Cambridge? Did you love supervisions?  Did you receive support to go travelling? Perfect – you can direct your money to that fund. Can’t decide? Make a gift to the area of greatest need, and the College will maximise the impact by using it where it will make the most difference.

Have a look at the website and see what catches your interest! If you would like advice, get in touch with

A regular gift helps you keep track of your giving, and helps the College know it has a source of income upon which it can rely. As you know, students can spend three (or more) years doing their degrees, and Fitz is committed to supporting them throughout their time.

Yes! Most years we break even financially, but Fitzwilliam is not a wealthy College. We can only provide the bursaries, travel funds, access schemes, sports facilities etc. thanks to alumni support. As financial need becomes more acute among undergraduates from all backgrounds, the College must continue to seek additional support. At the moment, around 1/3 of undergraduates receive financial support from Fitz, and this is liable to rise. Postgraduate students will know too that securing funding for higher degrees is a struggle, and Fitz seeks to help as and where it can, helped in this by our alumni community.

Many international companies, such as banks, tech firms and energy providers, will double charitable contributions made by their employees! Contact your HR department or check your company website to see if your firm does gift matching.

In order to become a star donor, you must make a gift by the October of the year after you graduate, and each subsequent year following.  For example, if you graduate in June 2019, you can make your gift any time before October 2020.

We’re all ears. Visit our contact page and call, email, or write to us any time.