Randeep calling in the 2019 spring Telephone Campaign

Telephone Campaign

The Fitzwilliam Telephone Campaign is an important way that former and current students stay connected. Every year, hundreds of conversations are enjoyed, stories are shared, and a lot of laughter is had. And every year, alumni show amazing generosity in supporting the new generation studying at Fitzwilliam today.

During the last 10 years over 2,000 of you have generously pledged more than £1.8 million through the annual Telephone Campaign, which has made a real and measurable difference to our ability to support Fitzwilliam's students. Thank you.  

Our 2022 Telephone Campaign took place from 27th June - 10th July. Our team of 9 student callers contacted over 2,500 alumni to update them on their time at Fitz, to share anecdotes, gain useful career insights as well as to ask for their support for the following areas:

- Student Bursaries

- Access and Widening Participation

- Mental Health and Wellbeing

- Unrestricted Income

Donations in support of the Campaign are still coming in, and so far over £110,000 has been raised to help support our students here at Fitz! This is a true reflection of the generosity of our alumni community, of which we are extremely grateful. Thank you to all of those who contributed towards the Campaign and picked up the phone to one of our student callers. 


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