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Telephone fundraising campaign

During the last ten years over 2,000 of you have generously pledged more than £1.6 million through the annual telephone fundraising campaign, which has made a real and measurable difference to Fitzwilliam’s students. Thank you for your support.  

The 2019 telephone campaign will take place from 18 March to 1 April. We look forward to speaking to many more alumni, and as in previous years we will write to everyone who we are planning to call, providing information about the campaign and giving them the opportunity to let us know if they would prefer not to be contacted.

The 2018 telephone campaign took place from 10 to 23 April, during which 13 student callers spoke to hundreds of alumni. Randeep Nag (MML 2015) has worked as a caller, and comments “The telethon campaign was great fun. It was a pleasure to speak to alumni and I gained some valuable life and careers advice in the process!” Applications are now open for student callers.

Many of the gifts donated over the years have supported our students directly by providing bursaries to assist them in their studies and in making the most of their time at Cambridge. This financial support helps to encourage brilliant students with the potential to go on to achieve great things, but who might otherwise be put off by the cost of a degree. Thanks in a large measure to the generosity of alumni, the College was able to make 1,119 financial awards to our students last year. 

Fitzwilliam College is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998. We hold information for the purposes specified in our notification to the Information Commissioner, including the provision of education, student and staff support services, staff, agent and contractor administration, and alumni relations (including fund raising initiatives) and we may use this information for any of them. For more information please visit our legal documents page.