Telephone campaign

Spring 2019 Student callers

Abi Abi 

 Abi is a fourth-year Management Studies student, and a returning caller in the telephone campaign. She has twin passions for good food and a good  book, and considers one of the best things in life to be eating a slice of lemon drizzle cake in a big armchair with a good book in hand. 

Adib Adib 

 Adib is a second year MML student who studies French and Spanish. When not hard at work in the library, he can be found on the football pitch training hard or shouting at his team to defend better! Interesting fact? Adib has size 14 feet. Yes, 14. Buying shoes in normal shops is something we should not take for granted!

Aisha Aisha 

 Aisha is a first year PhD student in Architecture, looking at the social implications of Smart Cities with a focus on Singapore. She is Vice President of the MCR and 'enjoys' an early row on the Cam! In any free time she frequents a pottery studio, and is working on her glazing colour combinations.

Andrew Andrew

 Andrew is a third-year medical student who has taken a break from learning about bodies to study some history and philosophy of science in his final pre-clinical year. While often found at the front row of jazz concerts, he can occasionally be heard standing in the middle of a sand-school advising people on equine behaviour. 

Annelise Annelise

 Annelise is a second-year classicist. When she is not pouring over long lists of Latin vocabulary in the Fitzwilliam cafe, she can be found looking for her next new distraction after serving as Vice President of the Fitz Winter Ball - this term it's a project she is working on with the Cambridge Marketing and Advertising society. She is also looking forward to undertaking an internship with a venture capital firm this summer.

Daria Daria 

 Daria is a fourth year MML student. She studies Spanish and Italian, but since spending her year abroad in Barcelona, you’re more likely to hear her chatting away in Catalan. She has big plans to move to Berlin when she graduates and she is addicted to Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate. 

Eleanor Eleanor

 Ellie is a first-year geographer. When not reading for  her degree, she enjoys learning French, climbing and playing squash.

Emily Emily

 Emily is a first year Classicist, who, when not wading through Latin verbs and the Greek alphabet, can commonly be found somewhere in the depths of the ADC pretending to be someone else. Highlight of a Cambridge week: chocolate hobnobs in 10am Latin supervisions.

Ezekiel Ezekiel

 Ezekiel is a third-year Engineering student, specialising in energy and fluid dynamics.

He is heavily involved with FCRUFC, who have just reached the semi finals of Cuppers this year, and hopes to see their first piece of silverware since his time at Fitz.

Isabel Isabel

 Isabel is a fourth-year MML student studying Spanish and Portuguese. This is the third time she will be part of the call team, and she can't get enough of chatting to former college members about their time at Fitz. For fun, she rows in Fitz's W1 crew (which just bumped 4 days out of 5 this Lent!) and is training for her third marathon.

Jess Jess

 Jess is a second-year English student who watches too many films but justifies it to herself as educative for her degree. Her favourite crisps are Prawn Cocktail. 

Randeep Randeep

 Randeep is a fourth-year MML student, and a returning caller in the telethon campaign. He loves travelling, having spent his year abroad in Brazil and is looking forward to beginning a graduate scheme in Manchester (after a long summer in Mexico, of course). Favourite flavour of crisp? Prawn Cocktail or Salt and Vinegar (you can miss him with the Ready Salted).

Tesni Tesni

 Tesni is a final-year Geography student, who you will often find amidst the trees at the Botanical Garden.

Desert Island song - David Bowie, Let's Dance.

Will Will

 Will is a third-year law student who has (finally, to his DOS’ joy) extracted himself from extracurriculars with the Law Society to focus on his finals, after which he will head to London for the LPC and then start his Training Contract with a City law firm— but not before a summer of travelling and a gap year as a 'chalet boy’ in the Alps.

Zoe Zoe

 Zoe is a third-year History student. Despite spending most her time nowadays reading for her degree, she wishes there were more hours in the day for watching TV - her favourite show to binge watch is, of course, One Tree Hill!