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Noreen Masud (2011)


A Flat Place (2022)

Raw and radical, strange and beguiling - a love letter to Britain's breathtaking flatlands, from Orford Ness to Orkney, and a reckoning with the painful, hidden histories they contain. For more, see here


Robert (Bob) Lyddon (1976)


The Shadow Liabilities of EU Member States (2022)

The EU/Eurozone participate in the rules-based international order, but they break its financial rules in both letter and spirit. For more, see here.


Martin Lee (1991)


Cyber Threat Intelligence (2023)

An introduction to the ideas, views and concepts of the nascent Cyber Threat Intelligence profession. Serving as a textbook for those who wish to learn more about the domain, particularly for anyone wishing to develop a career in intelligence, and as a reference for those already working in the area. For more, see here.


John F. Mueller (2009)


The Kaiser, Hitler and the Jewish Department Store Press (2022)

Heralded as “a vivid and persuasive account” by Professor Sir Richard J. Evans and “an important work” by Professor Jeffrey Herf, it traces the history of department stores in Germany from the early 19th century to the financial disasters of the years following the end of World War I. 


Christopher Sandford (1974) 

Laker & Lock: The Odd Couple (2022)


The first dual biography of Surrey and England ‘spin twins’ Jim Laker and Tony Lock, who helped their county and Test teams to an unparalleled run of dominance in the 1950s. Besides their peerless achievements on the field, the two men had little in common, although both courted controversy. This is the full story of the pair’s uneasy partnership.


Arthur Bessis (2018)

African Fintech as an Enabling Force For The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (2022)


This is a white paper addressed to investors and policymakers on the impacts of African Fintech from an SDG perspective, linking back to sustainability, economic and financial inclusion and infrastructure development. For more, see this post.



Adam Iqbal (2001) 

Foreign Exchange - Practical Asset Pricing and Macroeconomic Theory, (February 2022)

Currently Managing Director and global head of FX Options Trading at Goldman Sachs, Adam writes about risk premia strategies, currency volatility, rules of thumb for trading options, and much else. For more, listen to Adam on the Macro Hive podcast.



Simon Atkinson (1987), co-editor

Political Communication in Britain (2022) 

The 11th volume in the longstanding Political Communications series launched in 1979, providing practitioner and academic commentaries on the 2019 British General Election. For the launch, click here.



Peter Bartram (1959)

The Life in Research (2021)  

Candid stories and anecdotes from over 40 market and social research practitioners, leavened by cartoons. All proceeds go to the Archive of Market and Social Research, a registered charity. Purchase the book here, or view the cover here.



Dinesh Dhamija (1971)

Book It!: How Dinesh Dhamija built and sold online travel agency ebookers for GBP247 million (2021)

Entrepreneur, politician and philanthropist Dinesh Dhamija emerged from the recession-hit streets of 1970s West London to create, build and sell ebookers – one of the world’s premier travel agencies and an online pioneer - earning himself a £100 million fortune. For the book, click here.


Professor Glauco De Vita (1996), co-authored with J. Begley and D. Bowen



Roadmap to a successful PhD completion in business & management and the social sciences: the definitive guide for postgraduate researchers (2021)


A useful resource to PGRs and early career supervisors alike, it offers a vast and in-depth coverage of topics relevant to all, from literature reviews, to getting published, to preparations for a PhD viva, as well as general career advice. See Roadmap to a successful PhD in Business & management and the social sciences - Peter Lang Verlag.

John Lees (1977) 

How To Get A Job You Love (2020) 

The 2021 Australian Careers Book of the Year, and previously a WHSmith Business Book of the Month. Purchase the book via the author's website.


Adam Iqbal (2001) 

Volatility: Practical Options Theory (2018)

The main challenges in successful options trading are conceptual, not mathematical. Volatility: Practical Options Theory provides financial professionals, academics, students and others with an intuitive as well as technical understanding of both the basic and advanced ideas in options theory to a level that facilitates practical options trading.  





















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