Auditorium March 2022

Arrol Adam Prizes 2022 

Fitzwilliam College offers three prizes of £200 for the best piece of original creative work together with three runners-up prizes of £50.  

Fitzwilliam students who are either undergraduates, affiliated students or graduate students of no more than one year’s standing can submit a piece of their own original work, including recited or written poetry, a short story, cartoon sketching, a dramatic sketch, a song or any other innovative recording.

Written submissions are also accepted and, if short-listed, the student will be invited to present their work on Thursday 5 May at 6pm in the Auditorium, where the judges will announce the winners. 

Material needed to be submitted by e-mail to the Master’s Assistant ( not later than 9am Monday 25 April.  Recorded submissions must be viewable in VLC media player on Windows 10.

Written and recorded submissions of fiction, creative non-fiction, drama, poetry and video are accepted. The work must be substantially different from any already submitted or being prepared for any University examination or prize. Any work should be intelligible to an informed non-specialist. No recording may last longer than five minutes. Any queries about acceptable formats should be directed to:

Candidates can only submit work in one format (e.g. poetry, drama) but candidates are allowed to present two or more pieces of the same format (for example three poems) provided the total lasts no longer than five minutes.

The winners and the runners-up will be invited to a High Table dinner on Wednesday 8 June 2022. The winning entries will be deposited in the College Library and will also be published in the Fitzwilliam Journal (subject to the Editor’s discretion).