Student Support Appeal 2022

Thank you for taking the time to read the Student Support mailing, and for considering making a gift to Fitzwilliam College Cambridge.

It’s quick and easy to make a regular gift or to make a single gift online by debit/credit card. Right now, we are seeking support in particular to help fund our Student Bursary Fund, our Wellbeing Fund, and our Unrestricted Fund which we can allocate to our greatest needs (as required over the financial year).

As UK inflation recently exceeded 10% as of September, Fitzwilliam’s students are facing rising costs and flat financial support. Student maintenance loans will rise by only 2.3% this year, against the highest UK inflation rates seen in 40 years. Fitzwilliam remains committed to helping its Community, despite the Colleges own rising costs.

In response to the challenges posed by increasing costs and inflation, we will:

  • Introduce the Student Cost of Living Bursary, providing £60,000 of additional support to students;
  • Invest in Student Wellbeing, funding a Programme focused on resilience and managing stress that complements our Tutorial support;
  • Mitigate the financial impact of energy costs, by improving College’s energy efficiency through works to replace boilers and windows.

But without the support of alumni and friends, we won’t be able to provide all of the support we wish to for the College community.

The support of alumni and friends makes a tremendous difference to the College community.

If just 10 alumni made a gift of £10 per month plus Gift Aid to Fitzwilliam, over the course of a year we’d be able to fund an additional 5 top-up bursaries to help support in those students most affected by rising living costs.