Other Chaplains in Cambridge

Most major faith communities maintain chaplaincies to students in Cambridge.

The contact details of a number of chaplains to the University are listed below. For details of others, please contact the College Chaplain.

The Chaplains to Jewish students are Rabbi Yisroel Malkeil and Mrs Elisheva Malkeil

The Chaplain to Muslim students is Tim Winter

The Chaplain to Buddhist students is Dr Rachael Harris

The Chaplain to Hindu students is Dr Vick Krishnan

The Chaplain to Roman Catholic students is Monsignor Mark Langham, and the Assistant Chaplain is Sister Ann Swailes OP 

The Chaplain to Methodist students is the Revd Colin Smith

The Chaplains to Christian Orthodox students are Fr Raphael Armour (Russian Orthodox), Fr Nikolaos (Greek Orthodox), and Fr Dumitru Radulet (Romanian Orthodox) 

The Chaplain to Presbyterian/Church of Scotland students is the Reverend Nigel Yuden