Student rooms

Accommodation Facilities

All Fitzwilliam rooms contain:

  • Bed with mattress and mattress protector
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Bookcase
  • Radiator
  • Waste bin
  • Curtains/blinds

Guest Bed Hire - Occasional-use beds for guests are available to hire for students in College accommodation, please complete this form if you wish to book. A minimum of 24 hours notice (Mon-Fri) is required. 

Bathroom/washing facilities - The provision of shower, wash basin or toilet depends on the category of room. When facilities are not provided in the room, they are available on a shared basis with the other rooms in the staircase/house.


College accommodation features communal kitchens, which are also knows as 'gyp' rooms, where residents can cook their own food. 

Most kitchens contain the following equipment:

  • Hob
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator (no freezer)
  • Sink
  • Kettle
  • Toaster


On-Site: The Laundry Room for the main College site is located at the bottom of F staircase. There is no charge at point of use. 

College Off-Site Properties: There are laundry facilities located at some of the outside houses for use. These are also free at point of use.

Iron and Ironing tables are provided for use in the Laundry rooms.


All rooms have either a wired network port or wireless network providing access to the internet via the Fitzwilliam College Network.


If you want to bring a TV, you must buy a licence. The College does not hold a general one. The TV Licensing Authority knows you are coming, so it's not worth taking a chance. Both the JCR (Junior Common Room) and the MCR (middle Common Room) have big TVs with digital satellite, Sky Sports, etc.

You can find information in the Residential Life guide here, or by visiting the TV Licensing website directly. 

Storage during the holidays

Undergraduate students, with a Termly (A) Residence contract, (whether living on the main college site or in a College house) will have to vacate their room and remove all of their possessions at the end of each term.  

Undergraduate students, with a Easter Vacation (B) Residence contract, will have to vacate their room for the Christmas holidays, removing all of their possessions at the end of the Michaelmas Term.

All postgraduate students and undergraduates on Full Residence (C) contracts are able to stay during the Christmas and Easter vacation and can leave all possessions in their room if they go home.

For Overseas and EU students only, there is some limited storage available for the vacation period.

Insurance cover for items stored in College Vacation storage

Belongings left in College storage will be covered by the College student personal possessions insurance provided that certain conditions are met.