Our accommodation

You're Insured

Students, and indeed anyone resident on a Fitzwilliam College property, are automatically insured for theft to personal items in any university or college building - and against fire and flood in your room.

What's covered: Desktops computers, laptops and tablets, mobile phone (only due to forced entry); cameras; musical equipment; sports equipment; audio equipment and other media devices; and your bicycle, if locked securely. For a full list, see the Fitzwilliam Certificate.

What's not covered: Accidental damage except for laptops and tablets. Mobile phones, musical instruments and any other items outside your room. Laptops and other gadgets outside the room. Bicycles, unless locked through the frame and wheel to an immovable object in Cambridge.

Students are covered for up to £500 while in direct transit from the College or University to their parents' home at the start or end of term (UK only). There is also personal accident cover of up to £50,000.

For more information, check the Fitzwilliam Certificate of Insurance.

To claim or check your cover, visit the My Endsleigh website here.