Postgraduate rooms

Postgraduate rooms

We aim to provide a single room (either on the main College site or in a College house) to all new postgraduate students who have met the conditions of their University offer by 15 August.

For the second and subsequent years of your postgraduate study, rooms are allocated by ballot. All those eligible to  enter the ballot are guaranteed a room. All students, including final-year PhDs, may enter the housing ballot, provided that they are able to sign the 40-week contract.

Rooms are allocated in the order that an applicant meets all the conditions of their University offer. The College receives automatic notification of this from the University Postgraduate Admissions Office. Those applying through the Judge Business School (MBA and MFin) or the Faculty of Education (PGCE) are advised to contact the Fitzwilliam Postgraduate Office directly, once their University offer is confirmed. 

Any applicant who believes that their formal confirmation of admission will be delayed, through no fault of their own (for example, the formal transcript is not yet available, although you know your grades), can contact the College Postgraduate office to discuss their room allocation. The first allocation of rooms will be early July, and then regularly through the summer after that.

  • Apply for College accommodation (if you are starting a new course, as a member of Fitzwilliam College). ​Rooms can only be allocated once the form has been returned.

  • Non-College owned accommodation: If you wish to make your own arrangements for private accommodation, please fill in the form anyway in order to let the College know this. The University Accommodation Service may be able to help you find private accommodation.
  • Non-Fitzwilliam members looking for shorter term accommodation, please contact the Accommodation Officer.


  • Fully en suite - these rooms will have their own toilet, washbasin and shower or bath
  • Own shower/Semi-ensuite - these rooms have their own shower and washbasin. Toilet facilities are shared with other rooms
  • Standard - these room do not have their own toilets or showers.  Some rooms have their own washbasins
  • Kitchens - all rooms have access to a shared kitchen
  • Self-contained single flat - these rooms have a kitchenette, as well as an en suite bathroom
  • Room size - within each category, the cheaper rooms will be smaller

Fitzwilliam is usually able to provide a single room to every postgraduate student who needs one. If your course begins in the Michaelmas term but you are unable to confirm your admission by 15 August, you may still be offered accommodation if it is available. Once all rooms have been allocated, the College operates a waiting list. In recent years, rooms have been found for everyone on the list.

There is a large variation between each room in size, shape and facilities provided and each house or staircase has its own character. Some of our College houses are converted from existing family homes and others purpose built, but all have both large and much smaller rooms in the same house. Rooms on the main site also vary in size and we offer both standard and own-shower rooms.

Choice of rooms is focussed on size and facilities offered rather than exact location. The houses are described below to give an idea of what to expect. The provision of furniture and kitchen facilities is the same for all rooms.

Rooms on the main College site

There are 35 rooms for postgraduate students on the main College site. They are located on staircases with around six rooms on each floor, sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities. Some of the more expensive rooms have their own showers, and one room is fully en suite.

Example of a main site roomexample of main site roomexample of main site room - kitchen

Examples of rooms and kitchens on the main College site

College houses

Fitzwilliam's College houses are converted residential homes mostly in the Huntingdon Road area, near to the main College site. Our Glisson Road house is about 3km from the College near to the Railway station (and therefore offering good access to University Departments located on the south side of the City). House sizes vary from 4 to 22 rooms and rooms vary in size. Every house has a shared kitchen.

Eachard Road

Eachard Road

Five rooms, and a shared kitchen with dining area. One of the rooms has an en suite shower room and its own kitchenette. Eachard Road is less than 10 minutes walk from the main College site and local shops. The house backs onto the College sports ground and has a garden with lawn and shrubs.

Westfield Road

Westfield Road

Five rooms, all fully en suite, and a shared kitchen. On the top floor there are two additional self-contained single-person flats. The house is located on the corner of a small road, just 2 minutes walk from the College and 5 minutes to local shops. The house has a small garden at the back.

Windsor Road

Windsor Road

Six rooms, sharing a large kitchen/dining area. Two shared bathrooms, and the room on the top floor has an en suite bathroom. Windsor Road is conveniently located for local food shops and is ten minutes' walk from the main College site. The house has a garden with lawn and shrubs, that backs onto the College sports ground.

Canterbury Street

Canterbury Street house





Six bedrooms (5 standards and 1 en-suite), sharing a large kitchen/dining area.  2 shared bathrooms.  The house is next door to a local park, close to local food shops and only 5 minutes' walk from the main College site.  The house has a garden at the back with lawn and gravel.

Oxford Road

Oxford Road 1

The house, known as 'Red Cottage', is situated on the edge of the College playing fields and is about five minutes' walk from the College and from local shops. There are three rooms in the house, sharing a kitchen and shower rooms. All accommodation is on the first (upper) floor. There is a laundry room on the ground floor.

Halifax Road

Becket House

Less than five minutes' walk from Fitzwilliam College, this house is purpose-built for student accommodation and has nine single rooms and two self-contained single-person flats. All rooms are fully en suite. Nine of the rooms share one large kitchen/diner, and the two flats each have their own kitchenette.

Glisson Road

Glisson Road

On the south side of city centre, 3km from the main College site. This is the only Fitzwilliam College student accommodation that is not in the immediate vicinity of the College. Students studying on the Addenbrooke's hospital site, at the Faculty of Education, or in other departments on the south side of the city, find the location convenient. There are 22 rooms altogether and all are fully en suite. There are shared kitchens on each of the three floors and a laundry on the ground floor.

Huntingdon Road

There are several houses for postgraduate students on Huntingdon Road, which are all close to the main College site.

Huntingdon Road A

Huntingdon Road hostelFront of hostelKitchenKitchen

Five minutes' walk to Fitzwilliam College, and conveniently located for the College sports ground. The house is a converted hotel with 17 fully en suite single rooms and 3 single rooms that each have their own bath/shower with shared toilet facilities. There is one large shared kitchen/diner for all residents, a laundry and a large lawned garden. 

Huntingdon Road B

Old NealeKitchenKitchen

A large house dating back to 1910,  refurbished to a high standard, and in keeping with the period. The House has 11 bedrooms, with a mix of en suite and standard, and a large kitchen for all residents.

Huntingdon Road C

New Neale - front of flatsKitchenKitchen

On the same site as the house above, there are four modern 2 storey houses each with six medium sized standard bedrooms (with own washbasins, sharing bathrooms). Each flat has its own front door, a very large entrance hall with storage space and a shared kitchen.

Huntingdon Road D

110-114 Huntingdon Road

Three adjoining houses within a two-minute walk of the College gates. These houses are set well back from the road. Each house has seven standard bedrooms with shared bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. The rooms vary in size and the largest rooms, at the front of the house, have bay windows. At the back there is a garden and bike storage shared by residents of all 3 houses,

    The College has a small number of double rooms and flats. These are allocated on an individual basis and are always in demand. For further information please contact the postgraduate office.

    Halifax Road

    1 Halifax RoadHalifax RoadHalifax Road

    Four self-contained flats, each suitable for a couple. Each flat has its own front door, lounge area, kitchenette and bathroom. Upstairs is a gallery bedroom. The flats are just across the road from the College. 

    Huntingdon Road

    122 Huntingdon RoadHuntingdon RoadHuntingdon RoadHuntingdon RoadHuntingdon Road

    There are 2 houses in Huntingdon Road, less than 5 minutes walk from the College. Together they provide;

    Three self-contained flats: suitable for a couple or a couple with one child.  All these flats have their own bathrooms and kitchens.

    Four double bedsits: these can be let to a couple or to a single person. Each has a large room, with double bed and study area, and en-suite bathroom. Each floor has a kitchen for two couples to share.

    Canterbury Street

     82 Canterbury Street

    A small one-bedroom ground floor flat, located in the garden of one of our College houses in Canterbury Street. The flat has its own entrance, a kitchen/lounge/study area, a separate bedroom and en suite bathroom. It is located less than 5 minutes walk from the College and with very good access to local shops.

    Neale House/Huntingdon Road

    Neale House

    Two flats, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Each flat has its own double bedroom, kitchen, lounge, and bathroom. Five minutes walk from the College.

      We do our best to fulfil the requests on your accommodation application form, but we cannot promise to match your requirements completely. There is very high demand for some rooms, such as those on the main College site. Rooms are allocated once we know that you have met the conditions of your University offer and admission is confirmed.

      When choosing your room, please bear in mind the following:

      • Price: Smaller rooms are generally cheaper. Larger and en suite rooms are more expensive.
      • Location: Fitzwilliam College is about 1 km from the centre of Cambridge and from the West Cambridge site on Madingley Road. It is a 5-minute walk to the Mathematics Faculty. Most College rooms and houses are very near the College site. The Glisson Road hostel is on the south side of the city, about 3 km away.
      • Mixed housing: Most of the College houses and the staircases on the main College site will accommodate all genders on a mixed basis.  
      • Transport: Students cannot keep cars in Cambridge without permission - which is only granted in exceptional circumstances or when it is needed for the course itself. The College and the University expect most students to get around on foot, on a bicycle, or by public transport. The University Bus Service runs every 20 minutes and stops close to most departments. To discuss your need for a car in Cambridge, please contact the Postgraduate Office.  
      • Car Parking - find out more about bringing your car to Cambridge, and about College car parking

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