Kitchen regulations

Room regulations

This is a summary of the main regulations relating to College rooms. Further information can be found in the College Regulations and in the Guide to Residential Life.


College Regulations permit Fitzwilliam student members to have a guest in their room for no more than three nights out of seven. All overnight guests must be signed in with the Porters Lodge whether the student lives on the main site or in a college house, in order to comply with the fire and safety regulations. For rooms on the main site, folding beds can be hired from Housekeeping.


Smoking is not permitted in any areas of the main College site or in College properties, including bedrooms, meeting rooms, toilets, staircases, kitchens or laundries. If you wish to smoke you must go to the designated areas outside the College, or in the garden of the outside houses.

Fire Safety

When fire alarms sound, all residents must immediately vacate the property.

Kitchens in College and College houses have sensitive alarms, please cook responsibly as irresponsible cooking can cause the fire alarms to sound.