Undergraduate rooms

Single room accommodation is guaranteed to all undergraduates during term time. There is a range of room sizes, features and rents, to suit your needs, preferences and priorities. We have basic rooms with washbasins, rooms with easy access, and rooms with en suite facilities. Every room has wireless internet access.

1st year accommodation

First-year accommodation is all on the main College site. Courts are divided into staircase blocks; room numbers are prefixed by their staircase letter. Rooms are referred to by letter and number, e.g. B14, and corridors by floor: top, middle or bottom, so you could end up on Top F or Middle A.

All first-year rooms are semi en suite, equipped with a shower and washbasin. Freshers' rooms are allocated randomly. Each corridor is occupied by students of a range of different subjects.

Undergrad A Block

A BLock room

Please bear in mind that you will be charged for your room during term irrespective of whether or not the room is occupied. If you wish to remain in College outside the normal Residence period, you must apply to the Accommodation and Housekeeping Office via the termly exeats. Only in exceptional circumstances is it ever permissible for students to remain in their term time room outside Residence period.

A Block accommodation

2nd, 3rd and 4th year accommodation

In later years, housing is allocated by a ballot organised by the JCR. First-year and third-year undergraduates live mainly on the College site, but about half of second years choose to live in one of the nearby College houses.

College-owned houses

Some undergraduates will ballot for a room in a College-owned house. These rooms are usually in converted residential houses in the vicinity of the main College site (Huntingdon Road area). There are between 4 and 7 rooms in each house, sharing kitchen and bathroom facilities. A few of these rooms may be en suite.

Frequently asked questions

How much will I pay for my room? You can rent your room for a full 39 weeks, which includes vacations, or you can pay only for the 29 weeks of term time if you prefer. You can find current room rates are on the rents and contracts page.

Will I end up living a long way from College? No. The vast majority of our accommodation is on the main site, and the rest is within five minutes’ walk. First-year students are all accommodated on the main site, making it easy for them to settle in and feel at home; other undergraduates and graduate students choose whether to live in College or in College-owned houses nearby.

Will it be like living in a boarding school? No. Our students are adults with freedom to live their own lives. Living together with friends can make things more affordable and more fun.