Conduct and Complaints

The College is a community in which undergraduate and postgraduate students join together with academic and non-academic staff for the purpose of education and research and, in many cases, for a large part of their social life. These pages of the website outline the behaviour expected of all members of the Community, the procedures in place to uphold those expectations, and what you can do if you are affected by the misbehaviour of others.


The Statutes and Ordinances of the College set out the rules governing the conduct of College business, and the conduct of College members. The College Regulations are detailed rules which give effect to the Statutes and Ordinances and ensure that the College remains a positive environment in the interests of all its members. The College is part of the University and students are also required to observe the University’s regulations.


The College does not tolerate any form of harassment. The full statement of our zero-tolerance policy on harassment and misconduct includes information on available support and reporting options. Whatever your decision, the College will respect your choice and continue to offer you personal support. If you so wish, the College will seek to address any reported incident of harassment or misconduct, in accordance with this zero tolerance policy, which applies equally to students, academic and non-academic staff, and visitors.

Reporting an Incident

An incident can be reported by completing a short concern form. (If preferred, a student may in the first instance report their concern by sending an email.) Alongside general disciplinary breaches, there is specific guidance in relation to incidents of harassment, misconduct or abuse, to complaints about the general conduct of a Fellow or member of staff or about College policies or services, and to breaches of coronavirus protocols. Full details can be found by following the relevant link below:

Procedures for investigation of alleged misconduct

The concern forms and guidance set out in the Reporting section above are what you will need if you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of any member of College. You can read about the procedure which will be followed in each context by clicking the relevant link.

The College is committed to ensuring that its processes are clear and consistent, and integrate effectively with those of the University. Similar standards of behaviour are expected of all members of the College community, and a consistent set of concern forms is used to report any incident of misconduct by any student or member of staff. Inevitably, the procedures governing investigation and disciplinary action depend on the nature of that individual’s relationship with the College:

1) Junior Member of College - College Ordinance on Discipline (Appendix 1 of the College Regulations)

2) Senior Member of College - Student Complaints Procedure (initial investigation), Statutes (disciplinary investigation)

3) Member of College Staff - Staff Regulations

Responsibility for the investigation may rest (as set out in each procedure) with the Dean, the Senior Tutor, the Master, the Bursar, or with the Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA). In some cases more than one of these may be responsible for investigation and determining the consequences of any reported incident.

Depending on the particular circumstances, it may be more likely that an incident which can be investigated soon after it occurred will lead to disciplinary action being taken against an individual suspected of misconduct. However, the College understands that for various reasons some incidents are reported at a later stage, and will always respond to such reports and take any appropriate action. A specific practical limitation arises from the fact that the College’s Regulations only apply to students in statu pupillari.

Transparency and Queries

The disciplinary arrangements in the University and in the College attempt to balance due process, fairness, confidentiality, completeness, and flexibility. The information on these pages is designed to set out the College’s expectations of all its members, to assist those reporting incidents, and to provide clarity to those undergoing investigation.

Any questions regarding the College’s disciplinary arrangements may be directed to the Dean or to the Senior Tutor.