Complaint about the general conduct of a Fellow or member of staff

Note: If the complaint relates to any incident of harassment, misconduct or abusive behaviour, please see separate guidance.

If you have a concern about the general conduct of a Fellow or member of staff which you believe could appropriately be addressed informally, you are encouraged first to raise the matter directly with the relevant Head of Department, or with a Tutor or the Senior Tutor.

Reporting a Concern

In cases where it is inappropriate to seek an informal resolution or has proved impossible to arrive at one, you are encouraged to initiate formal consideration by submitting a concern form to the Senior Tutor (or, if the Senior Tutor is the subject of the complaint, to the Master).

Summary of Procedure

The College’s Student Complaints Procedure, detailed in Appendix 9 to the College Regulations, is open to all junior members and provides a framework for the initial investigation of any complaint about the general conduct of a Fellow or member of staff of the College.

On receipt of your form, the Senior Tutor will respond to

  • discuss the next steps
  • ask for any further information which may be required
  • offer to meet if you wish to do so
  • ensure you are aware of relevant sources of support

The Senior Tutor will then review the complaint and conduct an initial investigation, if required. If there appear to be grounds for a disciplinary investigation, and in all cases where such a complaint has been made by an individual who is not a student, the matter will be referred for investigation in accordance with the College’s Staff Regulations or Statutes, as appropriate. Disciplinary breaches by members of staff or Fellows may involve breach of conditions of employment, staff regulations or Statutes and Ordinances.

If the College Officer charged with leading a process – here the Senior Tutor, Master or Bursar - is unable to do so, or where it would be inappropriate for them to do so, responsibility will be assigned to another individual.