Dining hall


We’re proud of our catering team – from feasts to fry-ups they produce meals to match the full range of occasions that bring our community together. We source ingredients ethically, use only free range eggs and buy what we can from local suppliers.

Click here to see a list of Dining Hall and Coffee Shop opening times.


The College dining hall (Buttery) in the Central Building serves a healthy menu for lunch and dinner each day. Menus for Full Term can be viewed online, and include nutritional information about the dishes. (This information will be added to all menus soon.)

'Formal Hall' is a more elaborate dinner, with table service. Booking, smart dress and gowns are required.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop serves breakfast until 09:45, then sandwiches and snacks throughout the day.


The College bar is open seven evenings a week, serving a range of draught beers and ciders along with an extensive selection of spirits and bottled beers. The bar is a great social space and is often used for quiz nights and sports gatherings.


Do students have a say in what’s on the menu? Yes. We make all our decisions informed by student input, and we are all determined to present the highest quality food we can, at the lowest prices.

Do I have to dress up and attend formal dinners? No. If it’s not your thing, you can avoid dining formally in Hall. But you might enjoy yourself so much at the welcome Matriculation dinner that you change your mind.

I have dietary requirements - can you work around them? Yes. Whatever diet you adopt, for whatever reason, we do our best to accommodate it, both on a daily basis and at formal meals. Just keep us informed.

I love cooking. Will I have the chance? Yes. One of the advantages of our accommodation is that most staircases have communal kitchens (also known as 'gyp rooms') so you can cook for yourself and your friends whenever suits.

If you have questions or comments about any aspect of Fitzwilliam's catering, you can fill out one of the comment cards located in the Screens near the Hall - or contact us at catering@fitz.cam.ac.uk.

Eating together in Hall is a central part of Cambridge life. We do our best to make it special.
Richard Wayman, Executive Head Chef