Dining Hall

Formal Hall

Formal Hall is a more elaborate dinner in Hall, requiring smart dress and gowns. Meals are served at your table, and attendees may bring guests and bottles of wine.

Formal Halls are booked using the on-line Meal Booking service. Twice a term students may hold a Super Hall. Fancy dress may be worn (after permission from the Dean). Super Halls can sometimes have a different price to Formal Halls.


Formal Hall: Wednesdays and Fridays - 7.30pm

Formal Hall by arrangement: Any other night - 7.30pm


Places at Formal Hall must be booked in advance. Click here to book. (Raven login is required).

Bookings and cancellations are available until 2pm, two days before. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know by then.

Group Bookings

Students may book up to 5 guests (check online as number of guests usually differ at Super Halls).

- Please be seated before 7.30pm.

- A gong will sound as the Fellows enter; all stand for Grace.

- A gong will sound at the end of the meal for Fellows to leave following a Grace. Students may remain seated for this.

- Wine bottles must be opened at the Bar beforehand.


- Dress should be appropriate to the occasion; for example, jacket, collar and tie, or smart evening wear.

- Gowns must be worn by College members (not guests). 


Students and guests are not permitted to play drinking games of any kind. If you do you will be asked to leave the Hall. Please read the College Regulations.

Formal Hall by arrangement

Please contact the College Events Co-ordinator for information. Minimum of 20 people (max 5 guests per Fitzwilliam student).