car park

Bringing your car to Cambridge

Students will need permission both to park their car on College property and to keep it in Cambridge. College car parking is conditional on meeting certain requirements and on the availability of space. University permission for keeping a car in Cambridge is granted only by the University Senior Proctor and requires College support.

College Fellows and staff do not need University permission and should apply for a College parking permit via MyFitz.

How to apply for College car parking

  • Complete our College Car Parking form (even if you don't want a College car park space this form is also required for the University licence application process)
  • Deadline for applications for the start of the academic year is 24 September. Spaces will be allocated after the deadline and will not be allocated on a rolling basis. 
  • Applications at other times of the year will be considered but are subject to availability of car park spaces.
  • The College will allocate you a car park space if applicable and issue a badge for your windscreen - you should not park your car anywhere else on College property.
  • Car parking spaces are allocated for the academic year and do not renew automatically. You will need to reapply for each year.


Criteria for College car parking

Spaces for students are limited and are allocated according to need. All spaces are off-road either at, or near to, the College. Typical criteria for being approved a College car park space include;

  • Exceptional personal circumstances, for example if required for mobility or other reason
  • Required to travel out of Cambridge for your course (and public transport not appropriate)
  • Required to travel for purposes of a University Department, or a University or College club or society (and public transport not appropriate)


How to apply for University motor vehicle licence

  • Criteria as above
  • Complete the College car parking form
  • On approval by the College, you will be issued with the 'Tutors note of recommendation' that you can upload to your University motor licence application
  • For the University motor licence application you will also need: driving licence, vehicle registration certificate and certificate of insurance
  • Students of MA status or above do not currently require a University licence


Additional University criteria for those not requiring a College car park space

  • be a graduate of a university
  • be an undergraduate who has kept or been allowed nine terms of residence