Fitzwilliam students

Common rooms

There are a number of common rooms (also known as Combination Rooms) around College. These serve as an open space for relaxation, socialising and entertainment.


Junior Common Room (JCR) also known as the Walter Grave Room. The main Undergraduate social area is located in the Hall Building near the bar and features a pool table, table football and projector to watch Sky Sports

TV Room - also known as the De Smith Room and located in the Hall Building. There is a TV and sofas for socialising. The room may also be used for group work.


Middle Common Room (MCR): The MCR, located in The Grove, was extended in 2019. There are now three adjoining rooms providing a reading room, TV room and large meeting/socialising space, plus a small kitchenette. Read about the new MCR.

All Members

The Societies Room – a social space for clubs and societies to meet, located above the archway between O and P.

The Stretton Room – available for hosting private dinner parties of up to 12, and can be booked for any night of the week. Located on O staircase.

Fellows and Senior Members

Senior Common Room (SCR): The SCR is located in The Grove.