Computer keyboard

Computer rooms

Student computer rooms

There are two purpose-built computer rooms available for students which are conveniently located in the basement of the Library. Undergraduates can use 10 PCs running Windows & Linux and three iMacs, whilst graduates can use six PCs running Windows & Linux and three iMacs. There are six PCs running Windows inside the main body of the Library. All of these computers are a part of the University’s Managed Cluster Service (MCS).

Evelyn Suite

As part of the Evelyn Suite in D staircase, there are two MCS PCs available for students who are studying Medicine and Veterinary Science. These computers have large monitors and can print to the FindMe copiers in the Library.

Fellows' Computer Room

There is a designated computer room for Fellows located in I staircase. It is equipped with a University MCS PC running Windows. There is a Sharp colour copier which can be used for printing and copying. Fellows are able to print to the copier in the Fellows' computer room from their own computers using the PaperCut service.


Colour copiers (printers) are located in the basement and on the 1st floor of the Library. All printers are part of the FindMe printing system which helps students to pick up their documents from the copier of their choice. Thanks to the PaperCut service, students can print using the Library copiers straight from their own computers as long as they are connected to the Fitzwilliam College Data Network. 

MCS Support

The University Computing Service provides a large amount of documentation to support all their services, and this is available on their website under the Services Catalogue. In particular, information about MCS and other Desktop Services can be obtained from the University Information Services' Desktop Services pages.