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Contact the team

The Fitzwilliam IT Office consists of four full time members of staff and one part time. Their main role is to ensure that the Fitzwilliam College IT infrastructure (including the MyFitz intranet) is working effectively. Therefore, their responsibilities extend to preserving the integrity of the network against viruses, worms and other malware, and to take action against the abuse or misuse of the College IT facilities. They also administer a majority of the College's email lists.

When should I contact Fitzwilliam College IT Office?

The first point of contact for students experiencing problems is the helpdesk by reporting a problem using the Helpdesk and selecting the category ‘IT' and the relevant sub-category. If the problem cannot be resolved by the IT team at Fitz it may be something that needs referring directly to the University Information Service.

Fellows and College Staff should use ‘IT’ category in the Helpdesk also.

The members of the Fitz IT team are:

  • Susan Park: IT Director
  • Andrew Perry: IT Manager
  • Phil Baney: IT Developer
  • Alex Camp: AV Engineer
  • Nathan Steel: IT Computer Officer