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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I print from my own computer?

Yes, you can - just follow these instructions to print from your computer.

2. Can I use the photocopiers in the Library to copy documents?

Yes, you can - just follow the instructions to copy documents.

3. Can the photocopiers in the Library be used for scanning?

Yes, the Scan-to-email function is enabled on these machines. To learn how to scan-to-email, please visit

4. Can I plug in a wireless (or wired) router in my room?

No. Wired and wireless routers present a serious threat to our network as they could potentially allow connections from people that are not authorised by the College. If you think that you need a wireless router because of space limitation, we will be happy to provide you with a longer network cable. If a router is detected on the college network, the connection to it will be disabled and the owner will be contacted. Further action may also be taken if necessary.

5. Why is the charge that appears on the copier lower than expected?

When you send a colour job to the FindMe system, any black-and-white pages it contains will be charged for at the black-and-white rate which is cheaper. Please note that the charges are calculated per sheet, not per job.

6. How much Internet traffic do my Internet activities use?

Here are the results of some bandwidth tests we ran in College, in October 2012. We hope that these approximate figures will help students become more aware of the amount of Internet traffic they are using:
Activity Video Duration Amount of Data Used
Watching a 1080p video on Youtube 27 minutes 1.17 GB
Watching a HD program on BBC iPlayer 59 minutes 1.17 GB
Watching a HD video on Vimeo 30 minutes 400 MB
Watching a HD movie on Lovefilm 1 hour 45 minutes 7.88 GB
Having a Skype conversation Visit this page to see the typical data usage for Skype conversations.

Generally, you would not exceed 1 GB per week if your only activities (not including updating your computer and any antivirus programs installed) are basic web-browsing and emailing. To check your usage and the traffic charges, visit Network Traffic in the Students tab on myFitz.

7. How do I manage my passwords?

To change your password

Use the UCS Password Management service available here. If you joined the University before February 2014 and have different passwords for Hermes, Raven, and Desktop Services, they will all be changed into a unified UCS password that works on all the University services available to you.

To reset your eduroam token

If you suspect that someone else knows your token, or a device on which you logged in to eduroam has been lost or stolen, you should reset it. Follow this link and click on the appropriate reset button at the bottom of the page:

If you have forgotten your password

If you joined the University before February 2014 and still remember your Raven password, you can visit the UCS Password Management service to reset your Hermes and Desktop Services passwords. Note that they will be changed into a unified UCS password for all the University services available to you.

If you have forgotten your Raven or UCS Password, you can use the UCS Password Management service together with a reset token to set a new password. Tokens can be issued by the Fitzwilliam College IT Office. Remember to bring a valid photo ID - they will need it to be able to issue the token.

Read more about UCS passwords here.