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IT charges

Charges for an Internet connection

Students are not charged to connect to or use the College wired or wireless network however the use of the network and Internet is subject to the agreement that it will be fair and reasonable. If any individual has generated such an excessive amount of network traffic that the IT Office consider it is likely to cause performance degradation for other users or in any way put the College network at risk, the IT Office may disconnect any such individual or device from the network.

The IT Office will consult with the individual concerned to understand their usage requirements and advise them about the impact on the network. However, where there are repeated incidents of such behaviour indicating a disregard for the impact on the network or other users the IT Office reserve the right to refer the matter to the Dean.

Charges for printing and copying

Black and white
A4 single sided 6p
A4 double sided 6p
A3 single sided 10p
A3 double sided 10p
A4 single sided 18p
A4 double sided 18p
A3 single sided 35p
A3 double sided 35p


The copying and printing charges will be added to your termly bill. If your document is not printed, you should not be charged for it. As charging is per-sheet, any jobs with multiple pages will be cheaper to print double-sided (duplex).