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Network connections

The Fitzwilliam College Data Network (FCDN) is designed to provide easy access to departmental and central University resources, as well as email and the Internet. The FCDN is an extension of the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) and the UK Joint Academic Network (JANET).

Students and Fellows can connect their own computers to the FCDN using wireless or from their rooms, and make use of network and Internet services with all the advantages of high speed broadband.

We strongly encourage Users to connect to the eduroam Wireless network for convenience of mobility around the site and throughout the University and indeed at other institutions around the world that also use eduroam. More details about eduroam.

Please visit the IT charges page for details about network connection usage.

Getting connected to the Eduroam network

To connect to the eduroam Network make sure you have your username (your university email address) and your password (Eduroam token available here).

Most of the time this is all you will need to connect directly to the eduroam network but if you find that this isn't the case then the UIS has a detailed page including connection solutions for specific devices at the following link:

Eduroam for Cambridge users

Getting connected to the wired College network

You will need either your UIS password, or Desktop Services or Raven username and password (for further information see the new users page).


If you are registering a computer with a network (Ethernet) port, use an Ethernet cable to connect it to a network point in the wall (try another port if you cannot establish a connection with the first). If you have a Wireless Access Point in your room, you can use the port underneath it, marked ENET1.

If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, you might see a window that allows you to choose the location for the '' network. You should choose 'Public network'. In Windows 8.1 and 10, you might be asked if you want to turn on sharing between PCs on this network. You should choose not to.

Open your preferred Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox). You should automatically be taken to the College network registration page ( If not, attempt to browse to an alternative website (e.g. the BBC website) and you should be redirected. Follow the on-screen instructions, filling in your details where relevant.

To obtain your username and passwords follow the instructions for new users.

Note: You should always choose Standard Registration. Wired registrations need to be approved by the IT Office; this will take 2-5 working days and will not be approved unless a good reason is provided during the application.

Getting additional/new computers connected

If you are replacing a device, plug it into the network and login to the College network registration site as outlined above. Click on the 'Register as Current Computer' link next to the registration for the device you are replacing and follow the on-screen instructions.

To get more than one device connected to the network you will need to repeat the registration process. Please note that up to three wired and three wireless devices per person can be registered.

Rules and regulations

The use of the network is subject to rules both from the University and Fitzwilliam College.


If you are having problems getting to the College network registration page this could be a result of several problems, of which the most common are:

  1. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is not enabled. Click here for instructions on how to enable DHCP for various operating systems.
  2. Your Internet browser proxy server settings are incorrectly configured. Click here for instructions on how to correctly configure proxy server settings.