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FCDN connection - Conditions of use

The use of the Fitzwilliam College Data Network (FCDN, both wired and wireless connections) is subject to all policies and rules governing the use of the University Data Network (CUDN) and the Janet Network. For full details refer to Further clarification of these and additional rules for the use of the FCDN are provided below. Any breach of these rules can result in immediate disconnection from the FCDN and possible disciplinary action being taken.

  1. The network connection is provided for the connection of a specific registered computer. This means:
    1. You may connect the ethernet adapter of your computer directly to the FCDN or via a simple unmanaged switch. You may also attach via one of the authorised College wireless networks.
    2. You must not connect any wired or wireless router to any part of the CUDN.
    3. You must not use the registered computer to forward traffic to or from another machine in any form without prior approval from the IT Office. This prohibition includes but is not limited to routing, forwarding, bridging, ARP proxying, IP masquerading, Network Address Translation (NAT), IP/IPX tunnelling, SOCKS, application layer proxies. 
    4. You must only configure your computer to use the IP address and hostname that have been registered for your use. You must not configure your machine to masquerade as any other machine, nor attempt to monitor network traffic that is not destined for your machine.
  2. The network is a shared resource. You should not interfere with other users’ ability to use the network or misuse the facility in any way. Specifically:
    1. Your computer must not be used for any illegal purpose including the downloading, storing or transmitting any copyrighted material with out the consent of the copyright owner.
    2. Denial of service attacks, deliberate or otherwise, will not be tolerated. Computers suspected to be causing flooding of the network with an excessive amount of traffic or otherwise impairing the operation of other computers may be disconnected with little or no warning until the cause has been identified and dealt with appropriately. 
    3. If your computer is observed to regularly use a disproportionately large amount of network bandwidth, you may be asked by the IT Office to cut back your usage. 
  3. You accept responsibility for all network traffic that originates from your computer. This has the following implications:
    1. You must ensure that your computer is secure, such that persons you have not authorized to use it cannot gain access to it via the network and make use of your network connection to any degree above that which is permitted by the terms and conditions. In the event that the IT Office or University Information Services believes the security of your computer to have been compromised or otherwise lacking, your computer will be isolated from the network until the matter can be resolved to their satisfaction. 
    2. Where a third party uses your computer, directly or remotely, either with or without your approval, to access other network services via your network connection, you will be held responsible for their actions. (The CUDN Rules and JANET Acceptable Use Policy can also affect whom you may legitimately grant permission to use your Network Connection). 
  4. User must install and keep up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware software on your computer. The university provides copies of antivirus software for download ( alternatively, CDs with software can be borrowed from the IT Office.
  5. You must ensure that the operating system and all software installed on it are kept fully up-to-date with all critical security patches.
  6. Registering your computer for use on the FCDN will mean that you must abide by the fair usage policy and any detriment to the network through overuse will result in disconnection.
  7. You must abide by the University Information Service's conditions of issue of IP addresses ( To summarise, this introduces the following additional main requirements:
    1. You may not use your computer as an email host. For example, you should not generate mail with the address of your computer in the 'From:' field. 
    2. You may not list your computer in any other part of the DNS. 
    3. You must not run any sort of routing daemon. 
  8. You are required to maintain an up to date registration of your computer with the College. Should any of the details that you originally gave the College become invalid, then you must inform the IT Office.
  9. Failure to comply with these conditions of use or requests from the IT Office may result in termination of service.
  10. The IT Office may log any network traffic. Traffic log data is used only for the purposes of administering the network. These include, but are not limited to, performing traffic billing, generating usage statistics, checking compliance with the conditions of use, helping to maintain network and system security, and fault diagnosis. Some traffic log data may also be made available to the registered user of the computer to which it refers, via the Network Account Management service.


IT Office: Fitzwilliam College IT Office staff and those appointed by them who administer the network. They can be contacted by emailing

Network Account Management Service: A web based service accessible via the address This service uses University Raven and PWF passwords to authenticate users. 

Network connection: A wired or wireless connection to the Fitzwilliam College Data Network. 

Your computer: The computer or other IP capable equipment registered by you with the IT Office for use via a specific network connection.

Revised: September 2016