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Books, journals, electronic resources, past papers and other useful things.

  • The Fitzwilliam collection of 50,000+ items increases by 1,000 items each year.

  • Many of the books required for Tripos Part I, some of those for later Parts and taught MPhil courses.

  • The collection grows by the purchase of books on reading lists, by recommendations for purchase from Fellows and students and by the addition of selected donations.

  • Students can find more specialised books through the Department and Faculty libraries and the University Library, but are encouraged to buy the books they will use most often.

  • Library staff are always happy to help.

Journals and ejournals
  • Bound volumes of journals are kept on the shelves with books in their subject and can be borrowed in the same way as books.

  • Unbound journals are also stored there but these MUST NOT be removed from the Library.

  • iDiscover lets you search for electronic journals deliverable to your desktop and also across the University.

  • Please remember that if another college, or a departmental library other than your own, holds the title you want, you should contact that library beforehand using the Libraries Directory.

University Reporter and past examination papers

The following Reference Only items are in the Skillington Study Room:

  • The University Reporter, containing the lecture list and the examination timetable

  • Bound volumes of past examination papers which may be photocopied

  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

'Reference Only' means not available for loan without permission.

Information leaflets

Other resources
  • A new collection of DVDs - mainly foreign language films, Shakespeare's plays and adaptations of classic novels. Collect disks from the Library Office.

  • Chemistry models may be borrowed from the Library Office.

  • We also have scientific calculators which are available for loan.


Need stationery?

You can buy stationery at the Library Office - all the essential items - value for money and near at hand.

Computers and laptops

As well as two separate computer suites, all desks in the Library have data sockets for laptops, and there are two fixed computers on each floor. There is a wireless loop connection to the Internet.  We also have three printer-scanner-copiers. For details see computing information.

Printing, scanning and photocopying

We have three printers in the Library (two in the basement and the third on Floor 1) which also scan and photocopy. Please consult the CLA Copyright Notice to ensure that any copying and scanning you do does not infringe the HE Copyright Licence. Scan your card and you're ready to go. If you need help please do ask and we'll show you exactly how it works.

We also have various items that will help make your studying a bit more comfortable. Some of them have been bought for students who need extra support or assistance but all are available for everyone to use. 

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