College Bill FAQs

The College collects tuition fees on behalf of the University.  This is included in the termly College bill, together with room rent and other charges. Payment can be made by cheque, debit card or direct bank payment                                                

When will I get my bill?

  • College bills are issued at the beginning of each term and sent by email.

When are fees payable?

  • Bills are due for payment by 8th day of term. See College Bills
  • Fees for the academic year will be included on the Michaelmas term bill and must be paid in full, except in the following circumstances
    • If you have taken out a tuition fee loan from any of the UK Student Finance organisations this will be paid direct to the College. You must submit a copy of your Student Finance assessment to the Tutorial Office.
    • If your fees are to be paid by any other sponsor or by scholarship, the College will invoice them directly. You must provide evidence of this sponsorship and details of who to invoice, to the Tutorial Office before the start of Michaelmas term.
  • Late payments will attract a fine of £5 per week.

Can I pay my fees in advance?

  • The College is not normally able to receive any payments in advance of issuing the bill. Occasionally invoices can be issued where advance payment is essential to the Tier 4 visa application, but options will be limited. Please contact the Tutorial Office in the first instance.

Can I pay my fees in instalments?

  • The College does not normally accept payment in instalments. A one-off payment for fees should be made at the start of the first term.
  • If your sponsorship/scholarship is paid to you in instalments, you should discuss this with the Student Accounts Officer.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

  • No advance deposit is required either for fees or for accommodation.
  • All students are charged a registration deposit (Fitzwilliam Deposit) in the first bill of a new course. This will be held against final payment of the outstanding bill before graduation, and any remaining amount returned to the student.

How can I pay my bill?

  • You will be able to do this online via a secure link which is included in the emailed bill. (You will need your University Raven password.)
  • You can only use this link when paying the bill in full.
  • To pay via Raven, you can use your debit card.
  • You can pay by direct transfer from your bank account and the payment details for the College will be included with your bill.
  • Bills can be paid by cheque. Please make cheques payable to 'Fitzwilliam College'
  • For any other method of payment, please visit the Student Accounts Office, Room V6 Bursary corridor.

When do I pay for my accommodation?

  • Accommodation is charged in advance at the start of each term on the College bill.
  • For students on a full residence, or graduate contract, this will be for approximately 13 weeks at a time.
  • For students on a contract that does not include payment for vacation periods, this will be for the Residence period for that term.
  • Students staying in accommodation after the end of the Easter term will be sent an additional College bill in early July.

I will be receiving US or Canadian Student loan - what do I need to do?

I will be receiving another type of student loan which is only paid to me in instalments

  • Please take evidence of your loan and the payment dates to the Student Accounts Office, Room V6 bursary corridor.

How do I pay for meals, drinks and other items purchased via University Card / EPOS?

  • EPOS stands for 'electronic point of sale'. This will not appear on your very first bill, but after that, all items that you have charged to your account using the University card will be on the following term's bill.
  • At any point during the term, you can part pay your buttery account. This will reduce the amount invoiced accordingly.You can do this online.
  • If you prefer not to use the card, you can pay by cash. (Be sure to ask for student rates and show your card.)

Can I carry forward the minimum meals charge (MMC) to the next term?

  • The MMC is per term and cannot be carried forward. It needs to be used up during the 10 week undergraduate Residence Period relevant to that term. 
  • Any unused allowance will therefore be lost
  • The MMC can be used in the buttery, the café, and when booking formal or club meals.