Juara Turtle Project - vacation volunteering

Other funds

There are funds available for all students to support non-academic activities. Students may also be awarded scholarships and prizes for outstanding extra-curricular contributions to College life.

Charitable and community projects

  • Up to £250 towards the cost of students' active participation in charitable or community projects. (Projects are normally without remuneration.)
  • Awards can be in addition to other College funding, with an overall cap at no more than 50% of the project cost.
  • To be eligible for funding, a charitable or community project should not form part of any course requirements.
  • Student members, who will have completed their course of study by the end of the Easter term of the current academic year, may still apply.

To Apply

  • Complete the online application form giving full details of your project and stating that you wish to apply for funding for a community or charitable project.  

Deadline - 29 April for projects taking place before the end of the same academic year (30 September)

Travel - not directly related to studies

  • Undergraduate students may apply for funds towards travel in the long summer vacation
  • An undergraduate student who will be graduating at the end of Easter term can still apply, but the travel must therefore relate to a future course of study at Fitzwilliam College
  • The maximum available for non-academic travel in both cases is £150
  • Funds are also available for both undergraduate and graduate students for travel that is related to studies.

To Apply

  • Undergraduate students use the online application form.
  • Graduate students are not eligible to apply for funding towards non-academic travel projects, unless they are charitable or community projects

Sailbridge Special Project Award

The Sailbridge Special Project awards were established in 2016 by a donation from Mr Philip Behenna (Modern Languages, 1985-1989) in honour of Lawrence Sail and Robert Lethbridge. Mr Behenna explains his inspiration for establishing these awards as follows: ‘Lawrence taught me to be imaginative. Robert taught me to persevere. Both qualities will be required for an interesting project. To me the word Sailbridge connotes the idea of a device that allows for movement from one state to another, a physical journey perhaps or a mental process of discovery. The sail and the bridge helped human beings overcome barriers to exploration and knowledge.’

Applicants for Sailbridge Special Project awards are encouraged to think adventurously as they plan projects that combine both physical and mental voyages of discovery. No direct connection to the student’s coursework is required, but applicants should make clear their motivation for undertaking the project. Projects that foster cross-cultural communication and meaningful interpersonal experiences are particularly encouraged. Applications should specify the purpose and likely impact of the project.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report on the project that will discuss how it was planned and carried out, its immediate outcome and likely longer-term impact. This report will be forwarded to the donor, who has stated that he hopes the reports will indicate how students have been changed, challenged, awed, terrified, frustrated and enlightened by their experiences.  Previous recipients of the Sailbridge Special Project Awards have traveled to Sierra Leone, Nepal, Kenya, Russia, Zambia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Italy, Spain and Senegal. Adventurous applications to carry out projects in any part of the world are welcomed.

Eligibility: Awards from the Fund may be made to any Junior Member of the College with the exception of those in the final year of their course (whether undergraduate or graduate).  This rule excludes graduate students on one-year MPhil or MSt courses.  Exceptions may be made, at the discretion of the awards panel, for finalists who have accepted a place at Fitzwilliam College for a graduate course, or for MPhil students who have accepted a place at Fitzwilliam College for a PhD course in the year directly following their receipt of a Sailbridge Special Project Award.

Awards: The number and value of Sailbridge Special Project Awards made shall be determined by an awards panel according to the numbers and quality of the proposals. Awards are not normally intended to cover the full costs of a project; where appropriate, applicants should demonstrate that they have applied for complementary funding from other sources. 

To Apply: Complete an application form and send to the Tutorial Officer (Ms Sally Cook) (applications now open).  

Students are encouraged to address any queries about the awards or the application process to the Senior Tutor, Dr Paul Chirico (senior.tutor@fitz.cam.ac.uk

Deadline: 29 April 2019

Student rent allowance scheme

Alongside the Fitzwilliam student rent review the College has developed the following schemes, funded from the Members Accommodation Account and the Student Opportunities Fund. The aim is to support students studying in Cambridge on reduced incomes. The schemes pay an allowance of £20 /night for up to 14 nights/academic year for students meeting all the criteria. 

Undergraduate students - criteria

  • Undergraduate students in all years on all forms of rent agreement
  • Nights of residence for the academic year are in excess of the 29 week residence period 
  • Residence is in College accommodation
  • Have been awarded a College Maintenance Bursary during the current academic year.

There is no need to Apply: 

  • The Accommodation Officer will advise on the number of nights to be included
  • Awards will be processed by the Tutorial Office in May each year and credited to the students college account.

Postgraduate Students - criteria

  • Postgraduate students in all years of study
  • Residence is in College accommodation on a standard graduate contract.
  • Have been awarded a College Maintenance Bursary during the current academic year.

There is no need to Apply: 

  • As postgraduate students are all on a full 39 week contract, all those eligible will receive the full £280
  • Awards will be processed by the Tutorial Office in May each year and credited to the students college account.

Vacation project accommodation allowances

An allowances of £50 per week may be made to Undergraduates taking part in research projects or academic-related internships in or near Cambridge.  The following criteria apply:

  • Projects are during the Long Vacation
  • Projects are not directly related to the undergraduate course work
  • Awards are for a maximum of 10 weeks
  • Awards are subject to the availability of a suitable College room
  • You must be staying in College accommodation during the period of the award
  • You must have the support of both your Tutor and  Director of Studies
  • You are not receiving remuneration of over £250 per week (award will be reduced accordingly)
  • During the Long Vacation following graduation, awards are only available if you are returning for graduate studies at Fitzwilliam College

To Apply

  • Undergraduate students use the application form.
  • Graduate students are not eligible to apply for a vacation project allowance

Music Lessons

Students may apply to the ED Davies fund or the Dorothy Pounds Fund for a grant to assist with music lessons as follows;

  • students reading Music -  up to £50 per lesson with a maximum of £400 per year.
  • students not reading Music  - up to £20 per lesson with a maximum of £200 per year.

To Apply

  • All students - send a covering letter and copies of payment receipts to Sally Cook in the Tutorial Office.

Music and Drama Projects

Student may apply to the Milner Walton Music and Drama fund for a grant to support a project for the current academic year. The size of individual awards varies from year to year, but applicants should bear in mind that the total available to fund all Milner Walton Projects in any single academic year is £2,500

Criteria for evaluating proposals include

  • The contribution that the project will make to the cultural life of the College.
  • The clarity and detail of the project description and its budget.
  • The likelihood that the project will be completed within the current academic year.
  • The extent to which Fitzwilliam students are involved in the project.
  • Evidence that the applicant has explored other sources of funding for the project.

To Apply

  • Use the Application form  (note - form is .docx )
  • A PDF Application form is available for those who have  difficulty downloading the .docx version 
  • Deadlines for application - projects in same academic year - 21 October, 21  January 2019 , 29 April 2019 and 18 June 2019.
  • Deadlines for application - projects in the next academic year - 17 June 2019

Applicants are encouraged to consult with any one of the Awards Panel (listed below) before submitting proposals for funding. 

Awards Panel: Master, Senior Tutor, Bursar, Director of Music, Music Society President, JCR President, MCR President, President of Clubs & Societies

Sports funding

Sports bursaries are awarded to eligible students.   

Language study

Students may take foreign language courses or enrol in English courses (Academic Development and Training for International Students (ADTIS)) run by the University Language Centre. College funding towards these courses may be available from the Student Opportunities Fund.

Master's Gift Fund

The Master's Gift Fund provides awards to undergraduate and graduate students to support extracurricular activities which are not supported (or cannot be adequately supported) by the JMA or any other College Funds. Applications should be made through the Tutor to the Master, and can be made at any time.

Vietnam School - vacation volunteering project