Undergraduate support funds

The Colleges of the University of Cambridge are committed to the principle that no student should be deterred from studying for an undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge by financial considerations. There are many sources of support available including:

  • Government-funded student loans and bursaries;
  • University bursaries;
  • Bursaries offered by the College.

For a full list of these supports, see this document.

Student Finance Agencies - most Home and EU students apply for a fee loan from the Student Finance Agencies. Home students can also apply for a maintenance loan.

Concerns about money can affect all areas of your student experience. If you need financial help while studying at Cambridge there is a wide range of support available and a number of people you can talk to. Please see the Student Support website for further details.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme - For Home Fees status undergraduate students from families with lower incomes. Automatic assessment is via the Student Finance Agencies.

Undergraduate Hardship Fund - provides financial assistance to undergraduate students in financial need. The awards are intended to support students who would otherwise be unable to complete their course of study. The scheme is funded by the Bell, Abbott and Barnes Funds. 

University funding for International Students - There are a few full scholarships available to pay the cost of your course, but most support is a partial contribution and is means-tested.

Other sources of University funding - the University funding search tool CamFunds has an option to search for undergraduate funding.  

Special Hardship Fund - is available for students who are intermitting and have no other available financial support, for current students on their year abroad, and for students who have been impacted financially by the war on Ukraine.

Fitzwilliam College Maintenance Bursary

The College offers maintenance bursaries of up to £1,000 annually to undergraduates based on their individual circumstances, to help cover living costs. All students are eligible, regardless of fee status.

Those who matriculated in October 2020 and earlier, and who are in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary will automatically be considered for additional support through this scheme so no separate application is required.  Those not a receipt of a Cambridge Bursary who are experiencing unanticipated financial difficulty are invited to apply for a Fitzwilliam College Maintenance Bursary in Lent Term.

For those who matriculated from October 2021 and onwards, additional funding previously distributed via the Top-Up Bursary and Fitzwilliam College Maintenance Bursary schemes is incorporated within the enhanced Cambridge Bursary Scheme. However, any student experiencing unanticipated financial difficulty will be eligible to apply for a Maintenance Bursary in Lent Term.

Those already in receipt of a Goldman Sachs Maintenance Award are not eligible for further College Maintenance Bursaries.

Students classed as 'Home' for fee purposes are expected to have already taken out the maximum student loan to which they are entitled.


  • Lent Term - 28 January - awards will be paid into College Accounts towards the end of February.

  • Easter Term - 10 May -  (The Easter term round is only for those whose circumstances have changed substantially and unexpectedly since the Lent term round). Awards will be paid into College Accounts towards the end of May.


The Application form will be opened each December for the Lent Term round and each March for the Easter Term round (closing dates as above).

Please use this application form. (Raven login required). 

Any application should be first discussed with your tutor, who will be invited to comment on the application.

** Please note: Recipients of Fitzwilliam College Maintenance Bursaries are additionally offered a contribution towards the cost of up to 14 nights of accommodation in College during the vacations, regardless of their room contract (though availability of accommodation cannot be guaranteed unless covered by your contract). For more information see Student Rent Allowance Scheme below.**


Please see a list of available Undergraduate Maintenance Funds. Specific funds do not need to be quoted on the application form.


Cost of Living Support Payment for 2022/2023

A £350 cost of living support payment will be made automatically to all students receiving a Cambridge Bursary Award in 2022/2023.  This will be credited to students bank accounts towards the end of Michaelmas Term.  Awards will also be made in Lent Term to any 3rd or 4th year (or those continuing into Clinical studies) who receive the Top-up-Bursary but who are not in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary.  

Book Grants

Awards of £150 will be made automatically to all 1st years who are in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary Award.  These awards are being given to support the provision of learning resources to first year undergraduate students of Fitzwilliam. These will be credited to students bank accounts towards the end of Michaelmas Term. It is expected that students will spend the money on required books (or similar resources) that will provide a material benefit to their studies.  

Formal Hall Awards

Awards of £40 will be made automatically to all 1st years who are in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary Award.  Its aim is to cover the cost of attending one Formal Hall each term during the year.  £40 will be credited as a lump sum to students' College Accounts towards the end of Michaelmas Term.

Student Rent Allowance Scheme

All undergraduates in receipt of a Fitzwilliam College Maintenance Bursary will be eligible for a Rent Allowance of £20 per night for residence in the College during Christmas and Easter Vacations, outside the standard 29 week residence period, up to an annual total of 14 nights. The scheme is funded from the Members Accommodation Account and the Student Opportunities Fund with the aim of supporting students studying in Cambridge on reduced incomes.

There is no need to apply. More information >>