Applying for degree ceremonies

It is not necessary to graduate at the first date after your results are confirmed. You can postpone the graduation to any date in the future. However, until you have graduated at a ceremony, you do not officially have the degree, and no certificate can be issued.

Apply for the MA degree (March ceremony only if in person)

In January, the Degree Officer will contact all those who become eligible in the following Lent Term with details and information to apply online. If you think you are eligible but have not been contacted, or if you took your BA many years ago and have decided that you now need the MA, please contact the Degree Officer on 01223 332084 or via email for further details.

MA Degrees can also be taken in absence throughout the year.

Apply for General Admissions (June ceremony)

Application to proceed at General Admission is via the Student Self-Service on CamSIS. Information will be sent to those eligible in the Lent Term.

Apply for other Degrees

PhD, MPhil, MBA, MB, MST, MAST, LLM or other degrees: graduation is not automatic and you must formally apply for the ceremony of your choice once your degree has been approved. 

Applications will only be accepted with at least three weeks notice before the ceremony!

If you are a current student with CamSIS access, you can apply for degree ceremonies via your CamSIS Self-Service.

For alumni of the College wishing to graduate, there is an online process. Please contact the Praelector’s Office for further information.

If you have any queries regarding degree ceremonies, please feel free to contact the Degree Officer.