Senate House

General Admission

The General Admission Congregation is the ceremony at which most undergraduates proceed to their first degree at the end of their final term. It is held at the Senate House.

Congregation dates will tell you when the ceremony is held each year. 

Only the following degrees are awarded at General Admission:

  • Master of Engineering: M.Eng.
  • Master of Natural Science: M.Sci.
  • Master of Mathematics: M.Math. (not including MAST)
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine: Vet.M.B.
  • Bachelor of Arts: BA
  • Bachelor of Education: B.Ed.
  • Bachelor of Theology for the Ministry: B.Th.

How to apply

Application to proceed at General Admission is via the Student Self-Service on CamSIS. Tickets for Senate House and the College picnic lunch, for your guests, are also applied for in this way. All those eligible to graduate at General Admission will be sent information early in Lent term, giving more information on how and when to apply.

Provisional timetable for the day 

7.45am: Graduation photograph 
8.15am: Procession assembles in Auditorium for briefing
9.15am: Proceed to the Senate House
9.45am: Guests due at Senate House
9.50am: Graduands due at Senate House
11.30am: Buffet lunch 

Tickets for the Senate House 

Graduands do not need tickets for themselves. We are normally able to issue each graduand with two guest tickets for the Senate House for family and friends. Children may attend, though please be aware that General Admission is a very formal ceremony. Those with very young children are advised to sit near to the door. Please note that there is no parking near to the Senate House.

Finger buffet lunch at College 

Each graduand may bring guests to the buffet lunch, at College, which follows graduation. Each graduand is free, but all guests are charged at £30.00 per person. 

College rooms

Graduands are asked to vacate their College rooms by 5pm on the evening of General Admission. College facilities, such as the servery and the bar, close down after the buffet lunch and the vast majority of graduands will leave College by the late afternoon or early evening of Graduation Day.

Staying on after graduation

If, due to reasons beyond your control, you are unable to leave College accommodation on Graduation Day, you must contact the Accommodation Officer at the beginning of the Easter Term. Unfortunately it is not possible for you to remain in your normal room as the College has to prepare rooms on the main site for the arrival of conference guests the next day.

Leaving your College room before graduation

Anyone who wishes to vacate their normal room earlier than Graduation Day, and then return for Graduation, can do so. You may not be able to return to your normal room but the College will arrange for you to be accommodated elsewhere at some point earlier in the week ending with Graduation Day itself.

The University website provides more information on Cambridge Degree Ceremonies.