Graduating at other degree ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are held throughout the year and you may graduate at all ceremonies other than General Admissions, with any University of Cambridge degree.

When to apply

If you are a Graduate student you will know that you cannot take your degree until the Board of Graduate Studies or the Degree Committee has officially approved you, even if you have been told informally that you have passed. You are advised to discuss with the Course Director, or Graduate Administrator at your Department, which Ceremony date would be most suitable for you.

The Board of Graduate Studies and Degree Committees meets regularly during the academic year. If the date of the Committee Meeting is very close to your chosen Degree Ceremony, it may be necessary for you to apply to graduate before you have received formal approval for the degree. Candidates can be withdrawn from the graduation list at any time, but cannot be added after the University deadline.

Applications to graduate MUST be received no later than three weeks prior to the ceremony!

Senate House tickets for guests

We are normally able to issue each graduand with two tickets for the Senate House, for family and friends. You do not need a ticket for yourself. Children may attend, though you should be aware that it is a very formal ceremony. Those with very young children are advised to sit near to the door. Please note that there is no parking near to the Senate House.

College arrangements and lunch

The timetable and arrangement in College varies from ceremony to ceremony. There will be a lunch, served either before or after the Ceremony depending on the timing from the Senate House. Your own lunch will be provided free, but you are required to pay for your guests. Guest limits and payment instructions are detailed on the online booking system. Tickets are not allocated for lunch.

Timetable for the day

The exact timetable, which depends on the University arrangements for the Senate House ceremony, is not available until a few days beforehand and will be sent to all graduands by email.

All graduands must meet with the Praelector in the College, for final instructions, before processing down to the Senate House together

Further details

Approximately a month before the date of the Ceremony, the Praelector's Office will send further details, to all who have submitted an application form, of the College arrangements.

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How to apply

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