Fitzwilliam College Barbershop Group

Fitz Barbershop

We sing everything from traditional barbershop classics to modern mixes, at a wide variety of occasions and venues. Fitz Barbershop come complete with fancy hats, and even fancier waistcoats!

Fitz Barbershop are an all-male, close-harmony a capella group based at the University of Cambridge, and the oldest still-running a capella group in Cambridge, having been founded in 1994 by then Fitzwilliam Organ Scholar, Alex Tester. Originating at Fitzwilliam College as a means to encourage more members into the chapel choir, the barbershop has since expanded to include students from other colleges, as well as affiliates.

Fitz Barbershop sing everything from smooth soulful numbers, upbeat traditional barbershop arrangements and even a few exciting modern mixes. Musical influences include traditional folk songs, the Backstreet Boys, and all sorts in between! Whatever they're singing, the barbershop are guaranteed to perform with boundless energy, amusing choreography and harmonic mastery. Coupled with eccentric waistcoats and swanky hats, Fitz Barbershop are certainly unique.

The barbershop usually comprises about eight singers, both undergraduates and graduates of the University of Cambridge, covering a wide variety of subjects. Traditional barbershop singing is done by male voices in four-part harmony. The Lead voice sings the melody, while the Tenor harmonises in the upper register. The Bass part provides the harmonic foundation of the sound, and the Baritone completes the chord between the Bass and Lead. Naturally, the members of Fitz Barbershop are assigned to the part which fits their vocal range most comfortably, but these are flexible - sometimes, a bit of Louis Armstrong-esque rumbling or falsetto is called for...

For more information, to join or book Fitz Barbershop for a gig, email them at or find and like Fitz Barbershop on Facebook!