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Fitzwilliam College awards up to 14 scholarships for music. All students, from any subject, undergraduate and postgraduate, are eligible to apply. 

In addition to two Organ Scholarships and eight Choral Scholarships awarded by the relevant Inter-Collegiate Schemes (about which more here), Fitz also has an unusual number of music scholarships of its own. These include the Alkan Piano Scholarship, the Padley Répétiteur Scholarship, the Yehudi Menuhin String Scholarship, the Avshalom Hertzwold Saxophone Scholarship, the Organ Trainee Position, the Open Instrumental Scholarship and the College’s flagship Conducting & Musical Leadership Scholarship, which may reward musical leadership in myriad and fascinating forms.

NB These College scholarships are distinct from the College’s organ awards, which are currently administered via the University-wide scheme.

Musicians of all standards and genres in College are reminded that there is College funding available to defray, in part, the cost of instrumental or singing lessons. The Director of Music is always delighted to receive enquiries relating to these funds.

General expectations of all scholars:

  • Membership of the Fitzwilliam College Music Society Committee, which meets twice termly
  • Contribution to the musical life of Fitzwilliam College, in a manner appropriate to the strengths and interests of the scholar. This contribution is arranged by agreement with the Director of Music, but is likely to include performance at College events such as the 1869 concert


  • A student may hold only one music scholarship in each academic year, but there is no limit to the number for which application may be made
  • Organ and choral scholarships may be held for the duration of an award-holder’s studies at Fitzwilliam College subject to annual review by the Chaplain and the Director of Music in conjunction with relevant tutors. Instrumental scholarships are held for only one year, but an award-holder may apply for, and compete for, the same scholarship in subsequent years

Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin OM KBE, was an Honorary Fellow of Fitzwilliam College from 1991 to 1999. This award, of £150, is for an outstanding player of the violin, viola, cello or double bass, and is awarded based on application, audition and contribution to the musical life of the College. Applicants should prepare two contrasting pieces totalling 7 minutes, which may be either solo or accompanied works.

This award, of £150, may be awarded to a saxophonist in any genre, and is awarded based on application, audition and contribution to the musical life of the College. Applicants should prepare music totalling 7 minutes, which may include jazz improvisation.

This award, of £120, is for a talented solo pianist, who would normally be called-upon to perform at College events. Applicants should prepare two contrasting pieces totalling 7 minutes.

This award, of £120, is for a pianist interested in developing accompanying skills and experience. The holder would normally be expected to play a reasonably frequent role in accompanying student music-making. Applicants should prepare two contrasting pieces totalling 7 minutes, of which at least one should be an accompanied song. Interested students are welcome to contact the Director of Music for help in arranging a soloist for the competition if required.

This award, of £100, may be awarded to a player of any instrument, working in any genre. Applicants should prepare two contrasting pieces totalling 7 minutes.

This award, of £450, is intended to support a student interested in developing conducting skills and/or musical leadership/directorial experience, and its remit is very broad. The successful applicant may wish to attain a directorial role in an existing College ensemble (or to found a new such ensemble) and to have his/her conducting lessons financed in order or enable him/her so to do. S/he may envisage a musical context in which s/he takes the role of animateur or leader, or have an idea for a specific such project for which training is required. S/he may be a composer wishing to stage performances of his/her work, and require some level of conducting training in order to do so. Prior conducting experiences is not required, and all applications will be considered with interest. Accordingly, the competition may or may not be a relevant context for assessment. Interested applicants should indicate on their forms whether or not they would like to offer a supporting performance, perhaps of a newly composed work or by a newly established chamber group; performances are encouraged. A brief interview will take place by arrangement, either instead of or as well as the performance, as relevant.

These awards, of £100, are tenable in Fitzwilliam College’s Chapel Choir, which rehearses on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, and sings a weekly service on Sunday evenings. Choral scholars receive free singing lessons and some dining opportunities along with the small honorarium, and there is ample opportunity available for solo singing.