Directors of Studies

Every undergraduate student is allocated a Director of Studies. He or she is usually a Fellow of the College involved in teaching and researching. They are responsible for supporting you in your academic life, offering advice on courses and facilities in your Faculty or Department and on University examinations, arranging supervisions and monitoring your progress.

You will meet your Director of Studies at the beginning and end of every term. They will also be available throughout term to discuss any issues relating to your academic work or supervisions.  You should feel free to get in touch with them straight away if you have any difficulties.

What you can expect from your Director of Studies:

  • Meet you in your first week to discuss the course objectives, the teaching you will receive and answer any questions you may have.
  • Meet you at the beginning and end of every term.
  • Be available during term to discuss any queries you may have, to advise you on course options, academic facilities and examinations.
  • Arrange supervisions.
  • Ensure that you are entered for the correct examinations.
  • Discuss supervision reports with you and give you feedback and guidance.
  • Provide support for your academic development, including, where appropriate, the organisation of College examinations.

What your Director of Studies should expect from you:

  • Attend all scheduled meetings and supervisions - give as much notice as possible for any unavoidable absences.
  • Discuss your study plans and take note of his or her advice and guidance.
  • Attend relevant lectures, seminars, and practicals.
  • Disucss with them any concerns you may have about your work, or about the teaching you are receiving.
  • Deal promptly with College and University administrative requests, such as enrolling for examinations and completing teaching questionnaires.

In addition to the notes here, the University publishes information about various elements of the Cambridge teaching system.