Supported study

All students at Fitzwilliam College should be able to study and perform to the best of their ability in a safe and comfortable environment. Students not only work but also live in close proximity to each other, and whilst many students find studying and living in such an environment easy and enjoyable, others at times find it more challenging. The College is fully committed to working with all its students, to meet whatever challenges they may face.

Students experiencing a mental or physical health difficulty are strongly encouraged to speak to their Tutor at an early stage. Tutors, Directors of Studies and other appropriate members of staff may well recommend the use of other support services in the College and University. With this guidance, the student herself/himself carries the main responsibility for engaging with appropriate services and support.

Early intervention and recommendations for support in cases of student ill-health or distress or inappropriate behaviour can avoid a crisis. 

As well as Tutors, useful sources of support and advice include:

College Nurse:   

College Chaplain:

University Counselling Service:   

University Mental Health Advisor:  

Disability Resource Centre:  

General Practitioner

Student Advice Service:  

Cambridge University Students’ Union:      

Graduate Union:   

Occupational Health:

Adult Eating Disorder Service:



Alcoholics Anonymous:   

Cocaine Anonymous:  

If a student’s difficulties prove persistent, her/his Tutor will be keen to discuss the situation further. If the student’s preference is to continue with her/his studies, the College will generally offer its full support. In such cases, it is crucial that the student engages in the formulation of a support plan, generally in co-operation with her/his Tutor, and optionally with the College Nurse or other relevant parties. The success of this plan should be reviewed after an agreed interval. In some cases it may be necessary for the College to obtain independent corroboration as to whether support offered is being taken up.

If a student wishes to suspend her/his studies and intermit, the College will normally be fully supportive. The student should speak in the first instance to her/his Tutor.

In serious cases, the informal discussions, advice given, the precise nature of any problematic behaviour, and any undertakings made by the College or University and/or the student should be documented for the benefit of the student, the College and the University. Such documents should normally be confidential; copies should be kept by the Tutor and the student.

If a student is unwilling or unable to engage successfully with a support plan or modify her/his problematic behaviour, further review will be required to determine whether it is necessary to invoke the College’s Fitness to Study procedure set out in Appendix 3 to the College Regulations.