Key in lock


Security issue? Alert the Porters immediately: (01223) 332000, or go to the Porters' Lodge.

The Porters control access to the College and hold keys to every room. They also register all vehicles and bicycles, which helps to prevent theft. It is the responsibility of all College members to secure their rooms and possessions appropriately, and to report any suspicious activity on site.

Accident Transport Fund ('College Taxi Scheme'): An in-house insurance scheme that covers the cost of necessary taxi journeys. The primary use of the scheme is in situations when injury or serious illness prevents independent travel between Fitzwilliam College or College properties and departments of the University. Another legitimate use of taxis is in the event that a student feels that returning late at night poses a genuine safety or security risk, or in the event of an emergency. The scheme will also cover the costs of a student being sent back to the College from hospital. The College has an arrangement with Panther Taxi. Further information.