Dr Julie Morin

Dr Julie Morin

Julie is a Research Associate in the Department of Geography.  She has a transdisciplinary background in disaster risk reduction and crisis management, with a focus on island and volcanic environments.

During her PhD and various post-doc positions (in the Western Indian Ocean - La Reunion and Union of Comoros -, Singapore, Indonesia, Italy, and French Antilles), she explored human responses to geohazards, primarily through analyses of past crises in order to examine the roots of disasters. In her last post-doc position (Clermont Auvergne University, based part-time in Cayambe, Ecuador), her focus expanded to include complementary scenario-based approaches which prepare communities and authorities to cope with future events better and reduce the risk of disaster.

Her work is based on extensive, immersive fieldwork which spans both periods of crisis and peace; her methods include anthropological observation and surveys, participatory approaches, crisis exercises and games, and GIS-based risk analyses.

Julie’s currently research focus is social volcanology, via the ERC IMAGINE project ( The project examines knowledge creation, use and negotiation, with regard to volcanic risk and interconnected hazards, by scientists, authorities and communities in transboundary contexts in South America and Africa.

Julie is also currently a Visiting Professor for the UNESCO Chair on Geoenvironmental Disaster Reduction at Matsue University, Japan.