Dr Marc Jacobsen

Dr Marc Jacobsen

Marc Jacobsen is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Scott Polar Research Institute, Geography. His main research interests are identity, diplomacy and security politics in the Arctic which he approaches through readings and observations of discourse and praxis. His postdoctoral project (funded by the Carlsberg Foundation) investigates how Greenland geopolitics are formed by military and diplomatic activities with particular focus on the United States' renewed interest. As part of this project, he is co-editing an anthology about (de)securitisation dynamics in Greenland (w. Ulrik Pram Gad and Ole Wæver).

Dr Jacobsen obtained his PhD in Political Science from University of Copenhagen (2019) with a thesis scrutinising how Greenland's and Denmark's foreign policy representatives (inter)act – together as well as separately – in discursive Arctic contexts. Here he showed, how dependency between the former colony and coloniser has been reconfigured, leaving Greenland with an 'Arctic advantage' in the postcolonial negotiations. This advantage is used to enhance Greenland's self-determination and to alter the relationship towards one of more equality.

Previously, he has worked as Senior Fellow at The Arctic Institute, as External Lecturer at University of Greenland and as freelance journalist for High North News and Sermitsiaq.

For more info, see Marc Jacobsen's personal website and his twitter profile @MarcArctic