Fitz Environmental Prize 2022 opens for applications

Welcome to the Fitzwilliam College Environmental Competition, designed to encourage creative thinking around environmental issues and actions across the whole College community among staff, students and academics.

The competition, sponsored by a Fitz alumnus, will be run by the Fitz Environment committee, who are looking for ideas to encourage engagement with the climate and ecological crisis through grants of up to £500 available for projects/events/ideas that tackle one (or more) barriers preventing people from taking action.

Applications should be submitted by 14 January 2022, and successful first-round entrants will be asked to briefly pitch their idea over Zoom to a panel made up of College members on 28th January 2022 at 12noon.

Successful entries will be announced very shortly after. You will then have a year to carry out your project! We are enlisting expert mentors to support successful bids in their delivery, so be ambitious.

Applicants should choose one (or more) group(s) to reach and work on one or more of the barriers listed:

  • Lack of awareness or doubt in the science – ‘There isn’t a problem.’
  • A sense of powerlessness – ‘I’m too insignificant to be able to make a change.’
  • Someone else (a politician?) should do something. Not me.’
  • ‘The climate crisis won’t affect me.’
  • An overwhelming sensation: ‘The problem is too big a challenge.’
  • ‘We’re too late; there’s nothing we can do now.’

You are also free to suggest other reasons for which people do not act and come up with an idea to help them move forward with action on climate. Teams can be made up from across the College community, so get creative! The application form to submit your ideas is here.

For queries email